San Gabriel Valley Panthers visit Seal Beach for exhibition beepball game

Seal Beach Lions President Scott Weir passes out blindfolds and hats.

On Saturday, Oct. 15, The Seal Beach Lions hosted an exhibition Beepball game at Zoeter Field. The San Gabriel Valley Panthers were present for the game along with coaches, families, Lions and friends.

The Panthers recently competed in their first National Beep Baseball World Series last July in Beaumont, Texas.

The Seal Beach Lions provided all the players and families with pregame refreshments and a huge BBQ afterward.  The SVG Panthers who participated included Bee Yang, Darren Keepers, Jairo Rodgiguez, Alex Marositz, Betsy Estrada, Brendan Wright, Joe Dunca, Victor Hernandez and Coach Colbey Haney.

Beepball is a form of baseball for blind baseball players featuring a large baseball with a beeping sound emitting from it so the players can hit and field the ball by sound.

To help guide players, each of the field bases emit a unique sound so they know which direction to race for. Participants are blindfolded to make sure that everyone relies on sound only.  These amazing athletes enjoy the practicing, teamwork, camaraderie and the joy of competing in this much loved American pastime of baseball.