Letters to the Editor: Nov. 11, 2011

Rossmoor’s leadership

The Nov. 4 edition of the Sun includes a letter from Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach, discussing his concerns with the unincorporated Orange County community of Rossmoor.

Supervisor Moorlach is easily one of the best and brightest public servants in California. We who live in Rossmoor are lucky to be represented by him.

He says that, leading up to the incorporation effort, he spent a lot of time with “the leadership in Rossmoor.”

However, the people promoting Rossmoor incorporation were not “the leadership of Rossmoor.” Incorporation was promoted primarily by the Rossmoor Community Service District directors, who contributed more than $130,000 of the district’s funds to LAFCO to get their support.

The RCSD directors are not the leadership in Rossmoor. They are hired by the community to manage assets entrusted to the district as a result of the community’s 1986 election.

Other major financial support came from the law firm representing the RCSD. This law firm also is not “the leadership.”

These people not only did not represent the people of Rossmoor, they were acting directly against their recently expressed wishes. The residents had shown a clear 75 percent opposition to incorporation in the recent survey.

Supervisor Moorlach has stated that although the county’s hands are tied when it comes to the coyotes, he will support citizen efforts to mitigate the problem.

The correct place for these efforts is the Rossmoor Homeowners Association. The proper approach may be for the RHA to join with the city of Los Alamitos in contracting with their private trapper, who has had considerable success.

While it is true that some of the residents go to the RCSD every time they have a problem, it is probably mostly due to their lack of understanding. The RHA is the more proper organization for these efforts, if the RHA leaders will step up.

The great majority of Rossmoor residents are very satisfied with the county’s services. They have no wish to see the RCSD’s powers expanded.

Kenneth Brown


Polite trick or treaters

This past Sunday evening on Halloween we opened our door to over 70 “Trick or Treaters.” Yes, we were passing out candy for a treat, but when we closed the door for the last time, we decided we received the greatest treat of all! Every single child upon receiving the candy told us, “Thank you!”

As they walked (ran) down the driveway to meet their parents the parents were also thanking us. Manners are taught at home and I just wanted the parents to know their efforts are greatly appreciated!

Lynda Tarlton