Against gate system project

GRF unnecessary, unsafe, unapproved,  and very expensive Project must be stopped.

In Sun Newspapers (April 18, 2024) I wrote that GRF management started unprepared without Engineering study and required approval by OCFA Project “RFID Gate Access system”. Today I would like to present some specific details of how it works.

On one day as a lawful driver, I stay in line to enter LW at Main Gate. Three cars and the OCTA bus made an illegal right turn from the middle lane, two cars crossed both lanes from the West side of the Globe. The worst happened when a Firefighter emergency vehicle came. After few unsuccessful attempts to enter, they turned toward St. Andrews Dr. Entrance.

I talked with firefighters. They a very concerned about the situation. I was told that if they tried to use North Gate and St. Andrews Dr. entrances, which are not certified by OCFA, they do not have visitor parking and a place for a u-turn by unauthorized vehicles. Firefighters even tried to enter the community through Exit from LW at Main Gate.

When the project was presented, nobody said that every vehicle entering gates must stop before the barrier. Before cars with Decals and guest Passes just slow down at the entry to help the Security officer to verify the Decal or Pass. Now were added millions of stops before the barriers. There is no Traffic Study done to verify will be Gates able to manage the existing traffic.

According to the rules (quote) “permanent guest will need to stop and show the gate guard their ID. After confirmation, they will be printed a pass for 90 days”. As said Security Director (quote) “I want to know who is in here. I want safety”. Now to speed the traffic, nobody requires ID, and it is common to see guards operate the barriers manually without verifying the valid permission to entry, which makes the community less safe than it was before.

Pedestrians are complaining about dangerous situations when crossing Golden Rain Rd and Del Monte Dr.

A very important question, which must be answered – How much does the Project cost shareholders? According to LW weekly, February 23, 2023 (quote) “The system will cost about $1,600 a month in operating expense”.

The real expense is much higher. Only in 2023 GRF operating Budget, when the Project schedule to start in late summer, to Security Department were added seven Full-time positions (from 30 in 2022 to 37 in 2023). According to GRF Operating Statement, In 2023 ODO Agency was paid $1,214,496, of which $809,496 is over the Budget. To hide the real cost of the Project Administration removed the Security Department from 2024 Budget. Now the Security Department is under Human Resources, which Budget increased in 2024 from $573,416 in 2023 up to $14,853,436, or 25.9 times.

Where is located the cost of repairing the reported 25 broken barriers?

The Project must be immediately terminated, professional auditors to be hired to investigate all aspects of how it was mismanaged.

Mark Pogrebinsky

Leisure World