Running of Bulls to NJB title

The competition was fierce in the Los Alamitos NJB Boys Rookie Division for the 2023 winter season. The Thunder stormed their way through the playoffs but met their match when they faced the 1st place ranked Bulls, coached by Bobby Cunningham and Ross Luyben, along with legendary Long Beach coach Joe Luyben.

The Bulls charged through their first two playoff matches, clearing a path to the championship game, which was held in the Los Alamitos High School gym. Family and friends cheered and clapped as impressive shots were made on both sides.

The Bulls may have not been in a china shop, but they crashed the hopes of the Thunder and came out with a 23-22 lead in the final seconds of the game. Congratulations to both teams for a championship well played.

The winning team was comprised of Theo Guidry, Zach Feigerle, Zacarias Mendoza, Cameron Cunningham, Connor Luyben, Luke Tomasulo, Beau Franklin, Nate Mallinger and Will Suryan.