Lions deliver with a smile

Chad Berlinghieri

When the Seal Beach Lions Club learned that Meals on Wheels OC needed drivers, they quickly rallied their members and named club member Chad Berlinghieri their Meals on Wheels Committee Chair.

As the artistic director of the Seal Beach Symphony and cantor for St. Anne’s Church, Chad has many talents and a big heart for service. He told us,

“I am a firm believer in giving back to those who have difficulty helping themselves. Providing basic necessities like food is very important.”

When Chad began chairing the committee two months ago, he recruited volunteers to fill ten Seal Beach routes and has provided replacement drivers whenever needed. One of the routes is his own. Chad enjoys interacting with seniors at each of the 12 stops on his route. “I’m always sure to check

in and say ‘good morning,’” he said. “You can tell how much they appreciate having the company and how nice it is for them to see a friendly face and nourishment at the door.”

Chad encourages others outside of the Lion’s Club to reach out to Meals on Wheels OC to volunteer. He said, “It’s not a large time commitment and leaves you feeling a big sense of fulfillment. New drivers are always needed because, since COVID-19 hit, volunteers come and go due to personal life changes.”

Thank you, Chad and the Seal Beach Lions Club, for all you do! For more information on volunteering, please visit