Letters to the Editor: Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017

Thanks to police and Leisure World Security
Recently I called the Security manager to report the stalker but he not around so I left a long message in his voice mail. When I called and reported the stalker to Seal Beach Police Department the stalker’s disturbance, annoyance and aggrevations. I have to reprogram my daily routine when shopping at Rossmoor, going to library and banks, and taking the bus.

The police officer advised me to request the bus driver, store and bank manager, librarian to call the police when the stalker is around.

This is the second time I experienced being stalked. Previously the SBPD and the security manager, Jaime Guerero, helped solved the stalking issue with the help and cooperation of the bus driver, bank and store manager.

I am a victim of stalking. It is very dangerous.

You never know what kind of mentality the stalker has! I deeply appreciate and thank SBPD, Leisure World security manager and everyone who helped solve the problem.

These are good, kind and responsible citizens.

Hopefully the stalker issue will be solved pretty soon so my

usual daily-routine can return to the normal that I enjoy.

Lisa A. Dickson

Leisure World

There should be a Seal Beach Police App
Last Thursday, Nov. 16, I walked into a shopkeeper’s store on Main Street as the owner and a police officer were talking about the snatch and run theft that had just occurred. The loss amounted to something close to $2,000.

I asked the officer what the thief looked like because I was walking home and I would keep my eyes open. The thief was Caucasian, over 6 feet tall with wavy black hair. I did not see the guy but it occurred to me that in this modern electronic age that there could be a helpful tool that would assist the authorities with kind of problem.

I would propose that we have the “Seal Beach Police App.”

It would be something that the Police Department could use to alert all of the residents, at one time, when something like this happens.

Almost everyone has a cell phone and we all tend to check our messages when the phone chimes.

Think of this as a modern day community watch program. It would seem reasonable to offer the app, free of charge, when we apply for a new parking permit. The Police Department could enter our telephone number, which is required when we apply for a parking permit, into a database and with just a keystroke send a message to the community.
Timothy Kraushaar

Seal Beach