Crime Log: published week of Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017

Seal Beach Police Department

Wednesday, November 8

Car Burglary—6:47 a.m.—16th Street—The caller said someone broke into the caller’s car sometime between 9 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 8, and the time of the call to police.

The caller said many other cars on the street had also been burglarized. Suspect: unknown. Point of entry: a smashed window. Loss: a green work bag, a computer, an iPad Pro and miscellaneous items. A few details were blacked out in the log.  Report taken. Police left notes for the other victims.

Petty Theft Report—3:47 p.m.—Main Street—The caller said someone took a computer for a bicycle at 9:30 a.m. Many details were blacked out in the log. Report taken.

Counseling—4:15 p.m.—Daisy Street—The caller was concerned about an apparent road rage incident that the caller witnessed the day prior to calling the police. At 3:30 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 7, the caller saw a car almost hit another car in the area as the aggressive motorist drove approximately 50 mph. The caller believed the driver lives in the area and expressed concern for the safety of local children. The caller did not desire to make a report and did not want contact with police. The call was canceled before a unit could be dispatched.

Thursday, November 9

Car Burglary—6:58 a.m.—Ocean Avenue—The interior of the caller’s car was ransacked sometime between 10 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 8, and the time of the call to police. Point of entry: a smashed window. Loss: none identified at the time. A few details were blacked out in the log. No suspect information. However, the caller did want to prosecute the unknown offender. Report taken.

Welfare Check—7:01 a.m.—Westminster and Midway—The caller asked police to check on a man who was stumbling eastbound on Westminster. The caller wanted police to make sure he didn’t stumble into traffic. A few details were blacked out in the log. Police unit 106 contacted the man. Based on warrants, police cited and released Jose Enrique Fuentes on suspicion of public intoxication and willfully violating a promise to appear in court.

Suspicious Person—12:49 p.m.—Marina Drive—The caller said that for the last three days a man had been walking around the area, talking on the phone a lot. The caller said he walks in a big loop around First Street and back to Marina Drive. The caller said it happened at all hours of the day and it felt odd to the caller. The caller said he had seen the man in the last 30 minutes prior to the call to police. Police unit S34 contacted the man on Marina Drive. Some details were blacked out in the log. Police unit S34 determined he was OK and that no further law enforcement services were required.

Disturbance—7:13 p.m.—12th Street and Electric Avenue—The caller reported that 10 juveniles with skateboards approached him, threw his hat on a roof and broke his phone. The crime occurred an hour before he called the police. They threw him to the ground and dragged him. He declined medical attention. He did not see any weapons. Some details were blacked out in the log. At 7:17 p.m., police unit 206 contacted a group of 15 juveniles, but determined they were OK. Report taken.

Friday, November 10

Reckless Driving—11:43 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—The caller observed a car swerving between the lanes on Pacific Coast Highway. The caller believed the driver was smoking marijuana. By the time of the call to police, the car had pulled into a parking lot. The caller could not tell if the woman driving the car was still inside or had gotten out. A few details were blacked out in the log. The caller parked in the same parking lot. The caller had a photograph of the other car, but could not pull it up. Police unit 107 found the suspect’s car, but it was unoccupied. Police were unable to locate the driver.

Disturbance—12:29 p.m.—Surfside Avenue—The caller said a man came through the gate in a car. He told security he was there just to take a walk on the beach. The caller advised him that he had to park in the public parking lot. However, the man ignored the caller. He left the car, with door open, and continued to head to the beach. Some details were blacked out in the log. Police unit M7 contacted the man on the beach and determined that he need a walk to clear his mind. He was apparently not a threat to himself or anyone else. No further law enforcement services were required.

Property for Destruction—1:57 p.m.—Birchwood Avenue—A resident of Birchwood Avenue came to Seal Beach Police Headquarters with some handguns and ammunition to be turned in for destruction.

A few details, including the number of handguns, were blacked out in the log. Report taken.

Saturday, November 11

Disturbance—10:06 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller said a man in front of the location was screaming at random people and customers. The caller heard him say he was harassed by the police a few minutes earlier. He was gone when police arrived.

Municipal Code Complaint—1:37 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller said two women became argumentative with customers in the parking lot. They were trying to sell candy. The caller asked them for a permit and they didn’t have one. Police unit 106 apparently advised the women against peddling without a permit. They apparently said they would comply.

Residential Burglary—8:06 p.m.—Dogwood Avenue—The caller’s home was burglarized between 6 p.m., Friday, Nov. 10, and the time of the call to police. Point of entry: a kicked in door. Loss: jewelry and purses. The value of the lost property was not known at the time. A few details were blacked out in the log.

Report taken.

Sunday, November 12

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—12:35 a.m.—Hazelnut Avenue—The caller left the location at 6:45 p.m. and returned to find lights on inside the home. The garage was open. The caller did not remember leaving lights on or the garage open. The caller waited for the police on the other side of the street. Police checked the interior and found nothing suspicious. No further law enforcement services were required.

Monday, October 23

Disturbance—3:05 a.m—Katella Avenue—Officers were called to a parking lot on Katella Avenue where an individual claiming to be an Uber driver was involved with a situation with a female.

The driver apparently was upset with the passenger because she felt like he was under the influence and had reported him to Uber, who locked his account. Report taken.

Municipal Code Complaint—12:53 p.m— Cerritos Avenue—Police were unable to locate an “illegal peddler” after they were called to a business on Cerritos Avenue. A man, 22-25 years-old, with short black hair and wearing a blue shirt over tan pants, got angry with a clerk when the clerk refused to purchase a cell phone cover from him.

The peddler left before police arrived and they were not able to locate him.