Crime Log: Return to the scene of the crime, go to jail

Vanity can bring you to grief.

Take, for example, the man who vandalized McGaugh School last weekend.

On Sunday morning, Sept. 19, the Seal Beach Police Department arrested a man for vandalizing McGaugh School over the weekend.

The accused graffiti tagger apparently returned to the scene of the crime to admire his “art,” only to be arrested on charges of vandalism and possession of vandalism tools

Sgt. Steve Bowles, public information officer for the Seal Beach Police Department, said the crime occurred Saturday night.

Bowles said there was “significant” graffiti painted onto McGaugh School buildings.

The crime was discovered at about 7 a.m.

The case was cracked because a school custodian was driving by, saw a suspicious vehicle and called police.

Seal Beach officers contacted an adult male in the car and arrested him.

Seal Beach officer in training ready to patrol solo

Seal Beach Police Officer Nick Nicholas has successfully completed his Field Training Program and is working the “field” solo, according to a statement issued by the city of Seal Beach on Monday, Sept. 13.

The city’s other police officer trainee continues to progress, according to the statement.

Crime Log Assembled by Charles M. Kelly

The crimes listed in the Sun Newspapers were reported to Seal Beach Police Department, Los Alamitos Police Department and Orange County Sheriff Department between Sept. 6 and  Sept. 17, 2010.

Only street names are used; times given are reported times, not incident times.

Crime Log entries are based on preliminary information. Space limitations make it impossible to publish every incident. Until proven guilty in a court of law, all suspects are considered innocent.


Monday, September 6

Substance Thrown from Vehicle—8:17 p.m.—Fir Avenue and Heather Street—The caller said people in a white vehicle were throwing water balloons at pedestrians. The caller said her boyfriend was hit with a balloon while bicycling and lost control of his bike. The caller borrowed a phone from another citizen to call the police.

Suspicious Occupied Vehicle—9p.m.—1st Street—Four Hispanic Men in a black SUV were reportedly harassing people in a parking lot. The caller said their attire and tattoos were gang-related.

Tuesday, September 7

Burglary Report—2:25 p.m.—Surf Place—The front door was forced open. According to the caller, nothing was taken.

Suspicious Circumstances—6:38 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard and 405 Freeway—The caller said all three young men in a vehicle were smoking marijuana.

Burglary Report—6:44 p.m.—Catalina Avenue—The door was kicked in and the house was ransacked.

Loss: unknown. The crime apparently occurred between 8:45 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Friday, September 10

Disturbance, Juveniles—2:28 a.m.—Electric Avenue and Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller said a group of juveniles were running duct tape across Electric Avenue for cars to drive through.

Fraud Report—10:45 a.m.—Ocean Avenue—Someone used the caller’s credit card number to shop online. The caller said the crime originated from somewhere downtown between Friday, Aug. 27 and Tuesday, Sept. 6.

Grand Theft Report—6:51 p.m.—7th Street—Loss: a watch. The log did not include the estimated value of the watch.

Municipal Code Violation—11:57 p.m.—Dolphin Avenue and Seal Way—The caller said a group of about seven people had a bonfire going on the beach off of Dolphin Avenue and Seal Way. They were advised to leave and agreed to comply. Police closed the beach at 12:06 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 11.

Saturday, September 11

Dead Animal—1:58 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway and 1st Street—Police received a report that a dead cat was in the Southbound bike lane on Pacific Coast Highway, north of 1st Street.

Referred to Long Beach Animal Care Services.

Disturbance—9:13 p.m.—Island View Drive and Bolsa Avenue—The caller said a group of teenagers were playing in the street, being loud and yelling on Bolsa Avenue near Island View Drive. The log did not specify the number of teenagers in the group.

Suspicious Circumstances—10:57 p.m.—Hazlenut and Wisteria—The caller said two sedans, each occupied by eight people, were carrying toilet paper. They were all white males. The callers thought they might have been drinking. Police found a group of young people throwing a toilet paper party.

Sunday, September 12

Drunk—5:15 p.m.—405 Freeway and Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller saw a man stumble out of a car parked north of the east bound 405 Freeway off ramp. Police contacted the man. According to the log, he refused to take field sobriety tests. He was arrested for drunk driving.


Wednesday, September 15

Illegally Parked Vehicle—9:54 a.m.—Green Avenue and Noel Street—The caller said a delivery truck was in the alley, unloading supplies and blocking traffic. The business owner said the delivery would be done in about 15 minutes. He said he would check to ensure there weere no issues with emergency vehicles or residents.

Thursday, September 16

Disturbance, Family—2:46 p.m.—Ticonderoga Drive—The caller complained about a lot of banging and loud conversation going on at a residence. Officers found homeowners remodeling their home.

Friday, September 17

Patrol Check—7:37 p.m.—Harrisburg Road and Snark Street—The caller said juveniles were loitering and being disrespectful to residents in the area. Officers spoke to the group and got them to leave the area.

Saturday, September 18

Loud Party—6:45 p.m.—Kaylor Street—The caller said cars were traveling up and down the street, looking for parking at a nearby residence. Officers found the gathering and asked the owners to tone it down.

Sunday, September 19

Citizen Assist—10:22 p.m.—Los Alamitos Boulevard—Subject said she is going to lose her home and has no food for her young son. Officers helped the woman find shelter and will contact social services in the morning for additional help.


Monday, September 13

Disturbance, Music or Party—11:55 p.m.—Montecito Road—The caller said a loud TV was left on inside a residence. No one answered the door when deputies arrived.

Tuesday, September 14

Suspicious Person in Vehicle—5:39 p.m.—Christy Lane—A witness observed someone dumping trash in a yard and driving away. A deputy checked the area but was unable to locate the suspect’s vehicle.

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—7:07 p.m.—Christy Lane—Related to above call. A deputy checked the area again, but was unable to locate a suspect.

Wednesday, September 15

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—12:32 p.m.—Loring Drive and Montecito Road—Someone was parked in front of a school. The vehicle was gone by the time an Orange Sheriff’s Department unit arrived.

Thursday, September 16

Suspicious Person in Vehicle—7:05 p.m.—Brimhall Drive—The caller said several individuals were inside a vehicle and the sunshade was blocking the windshield. The described vehicle was gone by the time a Sheriff’s Department unit arrived.

Friday, September 17

Burglary Report—11:24 a.m.—Silver Fox Road—Crime report taken for grand theft.

Burglary Report—10 p.m.—Copa D’Oro Drive—Crime report taken for burglary.


Monday, September 13

Burglary Report—6:55 p.m.—6th Street—A victim flagged down a Sheriff’s Department patrol vehicle. Report taken for burglary.

Wednesday, September 15

Disturbance, Music or Party—10:06 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—Loud music was reported at a bar. Bar personnel were advised and complied.

Thursday, September 16

Disturbance, Music or Party—9:59 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—Loud music was reported at a bar—the same bar as in the Wednesday, Sept. 15 log entry. Bar personnel were advised and complied.

Friday, September 17

Disturbance—3:17 p.m.—24th Street—Report taken for verbal domestic dispute.

Brian Smith of the News-Enterprise contributed to this article.