Rossmoor looks at policing apparent coyote problem

Public domain photo of a coyote

The Rossmoor Community Service District Board of Directors on Tuesday, Sept. 14, directed the general manager to research the agency’s powers concerning animal control.

The board also voted to use “action minutes” to record meetings and have DVDs of board meets archived.

According to a summary of the last week’s meeting, provided by Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Deering, the board voted to have General Manager Henry Taboada research the district’s legal authority to deal with animal control, public safety and trash collection.

In related news, David Lara of the Rossmoor Predator Management Team gave the board a report on efforts to deal with the local coyote problem. Lara told the Rossmoor board that Cal Trans had started clearing brush throughout Rossmoor. Lara said he believed this would help eliminate coyote habitat and remove a potential fire hazard.

Lara said Orange County Public Works staff had started pouring a cement base for fences and gates to deter coyotes.

The fences will be raised to 6 feet and repaired where necessary.

That same night, the board voted to switch from using summary minutes to action minutes to document RCSD meetings.

“Previously, the board instituted a change from summary minutes that were approaching verbatim minutes, back to summary minutes which more closely resembled action minutes,” General Manger Taboada wrote in his staff report.

He said that increasing requests to change the drafts of board minutes resulted in a trend back toward verbatim minutes.

“The current policy is complex, burdensome and does not fit the definition of any of the three minute taking formats followed by most other jurisdictions,” Taboada wrote.

Recently, the cities of Seal Beach and Los Alamitos have also examined the way they keep records of council meetings.