Beach Fitness marks five-year Anniversary

Barbara Bartee and Bryce Turner

Bryce Turner didn’t expect to own a gym, be married, have a 1-year-old and be named Seal Beach Businessman of the Year when he was 30, at least not five years ago.  This economy and his journey have taken tremendous fortitude, will and drive.

Born and raised on Naples Island, just over the bridge in Long Beach, Turner has been a shining example of a local boy hitting gold in one of the toughest economies since the Great Depression.

It also took a strong partner, great training staff, a strong community and loving family to get this far.  Certainly Turner has all of that in abundance.

The start of Beach Fitness, was actually through adversity.  Turner and his business partner, Barbara Bartee, started Beach Fitness in 2006 after the gym they formerly invested in, Fysicly Fit, went under, nearly taking them with it.  Turner and Bartee had been asked to invest in Fysicly Fit and lost all of their $750,000 investment.

Turner and Bartee pulled together all their current clients, started cold callling old clients and worked hard to build their business.  Bartee said of her partner, “Bryce is successful because he keeps striving to be better, he keeps learning, he can admit when he is wrong, and he is always looking for improvement. He is successful because he works so hard all the time and never gives up when he wants something.”

Now, after five years, they have one of the most successful private training studios in the area.

Asked why Beach Fitness is successful, Turner said, “The community of Seal Beach and the devoted clients that continued to do business with us helped get us through the start of Beach Fitness.

“We could not do it without the support of the community, which is why we contribute so much time to community service.  Many people do realize that Barb and I spend countless hours donating, volunteering, and supporting many community events here in Seal Beach.”

In 2008 Bryce and Bartee expanded Beach Fitness to add group fitness.

Most recently they added CrossFit to their repertoire.  They strive to stay ahead of the fitness industry by continuing to learn and stay current with industry trends.

Most importantly they have a very dynamic staff that excels at various health, fitness, and coaching techniques to achieve all of the clients’ goals.  They specialize in strength and conditioning of all ages.   The facility focuses on functional movements while addressing posture and corrective techniques that deal with pain and chronic dysfunction.

This year the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce voted Bryce as Businessman of the Year.  He has served as a chamber member since 2006 and has been a past member of the Chamber Board and continues to help organize various events throughout the year such as the Car Show, Christmas Parade, Seal Beach Run, Naval Weapons Station Sustainability Fair, Seal Beach Health Fair, just to name a few.

As a business, Beach Fitness donates to over 30 charities every year through cash donations, silent auction items, and athletic sponsorships for many Los Alamitos athletes.

Seth Eaker is a past president of the Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce and a frequent contributor to the Sun Newspapers.