Column: Aunt Gertie returns

Aunt Gertie on the Greenbelt in front of the Little House.

Hello again and welcome! This coming Saturday, Dec. 21, Aunt Gertie will present a Meet and Greet at the Seal Beach Pier from 2 to 4 p.m. Please come join me. I will have t-shirts, press clips from favorite columns plus a live reading of the introduction to my play, “Aunt Gertie & the Rat Trap!” I’ll have photos and an original CD, from my music career. You can even have your picture taken with me on the pier and I’ll autograph it!

My upcoming column, “Aunt Gertie,” will launch in January, and cover interesting subjects. Always entertaining, never boring!

Stove Top Stories, about humorous cooking adventures like the time you tried to bake a cake and blew up your grandmother’s kitchen or you mixed up jalapeño peppers with green peppers and had to have your stomach pumped at the emergency room!

Very Important Pets, for that special dog or cat that was heroic, humorous or clever.

Young Diamonds in the Rough for unique and talented kids. There’s a lot of ‘em!

Take My Advice, You Asked For It! Hilarious, tongue-in-cheek advice from Aunt Gertie’s perspective.

Benchmarks will feature intimate portraits of people on memorial plaques. They’re up and down Main Street, on the pier, Greenbelt and the parks next to the pier. Personal stories that bring the person to life and celebrate their history in our beloved town.

And my favorites: Salty Dogs, Crusty Ol’ Coots, Good Ol’ Girls and Tough Ol’ Broads.

Come to the pier and talk to me about ideas and questions you might have. Hit me with your best shot! I’d love to hear from you!

Karen Hadley, creator of Aunt Gertie, can be reached at