2019 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration Awards and Hot Spots Map

The Griswald Award – The Graham Family. Courtesy photo

Hot Spots map available for electronic download or PDF

Once again, as part of our Rossmoor Homeowners Association (RHA) Christmas Lights Celebration, Rossmoor homeowners have delivered spectacular Christmas lighting displays, ranging from great manger scenes through to high-tech displays with awesome sounds of the season. We are now celebrating the 13th year of the Christmas Lights Celebration and are happy to be able to share this year’s ‘Hot Spots Map’ that includes ‘Award Winners’, ‘Honorable Mentions’, and ‘Hot Streets’!

Last year, we created an interactive version of our Hot Spots Map and it received over 6,500 views, so we made that available again this year. We also offer a downloadable PDF so you can print it for quick access as you make your way around the neighborhood. You can find either form of the Hot Spots Map on the RHA website (https://ourrossmoor.com).

To give you a quick sneak peek at what you’ll find, here are some highlights of what you will experience as you enjoy the Rossmoor Christmas Lights spectacular. We have two special recognitions – Rookie of the Year and Kids’ Choice (written by one of our kid judges – Elena Nolan!)

Rookie of the Year – The Tomblin Family

Each year, our judges look at all first-time entrants to see who stands out for the coveted ‘Rookie of the Year Award’. This year, the Tomblin family created what we could only describe as a beautiful Christmas cabin postcard. We can’t wait to see what they bring next year!

Kids’ Choice Award – The Hartog Family

The kids’ choice award for this year goes to the Hartog family! This prize is well deserved as they had a dancing Santa and a live “snow” show. This provided a very merry feel to the house and once we got to the house, the kid judges ran out of the car to play in the “snow.”

Special Sights & Sounds – The Skunca, Herzog, Bingham, and Monsen Families

These homes have been favorites for several years and they never disappoint. These offer high-tech displays that are synchronized with great Christmas music selections. These are must-see spots to experience – you just can’t capture the essence of these displays in a photo!

The 9th Day of Christmas – The Pahl Family

On the 9th day of Christmas, there were 9 ladies dancing… As we arrived at the Pahl’s home, our judges were greeted with a group of young dancers who performed a great dance routine on the driveway, with the amazing lighting display as their backdrop. The Pahl’s received last year’s Rookie of the Year and this year’s display is even better!

The Reason for the Season – The Cross Family

Let’s not forget what we’re ultimately celebrating! The Cross family has created a beautiful display, comprised of classic blow molds that perfectly capture the reason for the season!

The Griswald Award – The Graham Family

We’re always on the lookout for who went above and beyond to demonstrate their exterior illumination skills that would make Clark Griswald and his dad (who taught him everything he knew, right?) proud. Make sure you check this place out!

Christmas Flicks – The Pack Family

Making a cameo appearance on Martha Ann is an electrified version of Clark and many of the other characters from this Christmas movie classic, including a visit from good ol’ cousin Eddie’s camper! Oh, but wait, they also showcase characters from other classics, including Elf and Rudolph.

A Window to Christmas – The Rodriguez Family

Figuratively and literally, this amazing display showcases a mini Christmas town, beautifully encased inside the window. You may need to get out of the car to truly appreciate the work that went into this great setup.

The Gingerbread House – The Gandara Family

Wow – the Gandara’s really upped their game this year! You’ll feel like you’ve transported into a magical land of gingerbread and candy canes. Ho ho ho!

Honorable Mentions: These homes are recognized on the Hot Spots Map for being beautifully decorated and worth checking out (which is why the RHA does the Celebration in the first place)! You can also find some hot spot streets on the map where you will find concentrations of beautifully decorated homes.

Thanks again to all the participating homeowners for making our 13th year celebration such a success and Merry Christmas from the Rossmoor Homeowners Association!