Seal Beach awards citywide tree maintenance contract

West Coast Arborists, Inc. to maintain more than 6,000 trees

The council on Jan. 22 awarded a contract for city-wide tree maintenance services to West Coast

Arborists, Inc. The contract would be for a maximum of $259,010 a year, according to the staff report prepared by Management Analyst Sean Sabo. The council authorized the city manager to execute the contract and formally rejected all other proposals.

The city manager was authorized to extend the contract for two more one-year terms, according to Sabo’s report.

This was a Consent Calendar item. Consent items are voted on collectively, without discussion, unless pulled for individual consideration.

Seal Beach has about 6,000 trees, according to Sabo’s report.

“The City’s current tree maintenance services agreement is set to expire on January

28, 2024. Accordingly, a City-Wide Tree Maintenance Services Request for

Proposal (“RFP”) was issued on September 25, 2023,” Sabo wrote.

The city received four proposals on Oct. 30, 2023.

“An evaluation panel reviewed the proposals and rated them according to the evaluation criteria set forth in the RFP, which included relevant experience, quality of references, cost, amongst other factors. The top three (3) vendors were subsequently invited for an in-person interview for further evaluation of their qualifications,” Sabo wrote.

Staff recommended West Coast Arborists, Inc.

There is enough money in the 2023-2024 budget for this agreement, according to Sabo’s report.