City Council OKs Mayor Sustarsic’s 2024 appointments

At the start of every year, the Seal Beach mayor appoints representatives to a variety of inter-government agencies and city committees. The council approves the mayor’s appointments.

This year the mayor is District Four Council Member Schelly Sustarsic.

This was a Consent Calendar item on the Jan. 18 City Council agenda. Consent items are voted on collectively, without discussion, unless pulled for individual consideration. This item wasn’t pulled.

The following is a list of the appointments and alternates, according to information taken from the staff report by City Clerk Gloria Harper.

• California Joint Powers Insurance Authority—Representative: District Four Council Member/Mayor Schelly Sustarsic—Altnerative: City Manager Jill Ingram

• League of California Cities, Orange County

Division—Representative: Council Member/Mayor Schelly Sustarsic—Altnerate:  District Three Councilwoman Lisa Landau

• Leisure World Standing Committee—Two representatives: District Five Councilman Nathan Steele and District Two Council Member Thomas Moore

• Los Alamitos Unified School District Standing Committee—Two representatives:  Councilwoman Lisa Landau and Council Member Thomas Moore

• Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority—Representative: Representative: Councilwoman Lisa Landau and Council Member Joe Kalmick

• Orange County Fire Authority—Representative Council Member Joe Kalmick. (No alternate.)

• Orange County Library Board—Representative: Councilwoman Lisa Landau—Alternate: Councilman Nathan Steele

• Orange County Sanitation District, Board of Directors—Council Member/Mayor Schelly Sustarsic—Alternate: Councilwoman Lisa Landau

• Orange County Vector Control Board—Representative: Councilman Nathan Steele. (No alternate.)

• Santa Ana River Flood Protection Agency—Representative: Council Member Joe Kalmick—Alternate: Councilman Nathan Steele

• Seal Beach Audit Committee—Representative: Councilman Nathan Steele—Alternate: Lisa Landau

• West Comm-Joint Powers Authority—Representative: Councilwoman Lisa Landau—Alternate: Councilman Nathan Steele

• West Orange County Water Board—Representative: Councilman Nathan Steele—Alternate: Council Member Joe Kalmick

• Chamber of Commerce Committee—Two representatives: Council Member Schelly Sustarsic and Council Member Thomas Moore