RHA announces winning homes for 2022 Christmas Lights Celebration

RHA Nomination Award - 3331 Huntley Drive (Stefan and Renee Djorklund-Snapper).

The 2022 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration team is thrilled to release this year’s Hot Spot Map, including our recognition awards, honorable mentions, and bright zones throughout the neighborhood. The digital map (through Google Maps) reached over 34,000 views last year and returns for more downloads this year! Whether you choose to enjoy the sights and sounds of Rossmoor via foot, bicycle, golf cart, car, or just a virtual tour, we hope the Christmas Lights Hot Spots Map guides families to holiday cheer.

The Rossmoor Christmas Lights Hot Spot Map can be downloaded from the Rossmoor Homeowners Association website: ourrossmoor.com

Many thanks to ALL the Rossmoor homeowners who put the time and effort into creating such amazing displays for all of us to enjoy. Worth noting – there are three homes that have participated in our Christmas Lights Celebration since it all began in 2007 (2751 St. Albans, 2762 Salmon, and 2751 Mainway). This year all three received Recognition Awards, keeping the spirit alive!

Drumroll: here are the homes you must check out as you venture throughout the streets of Rossmoor!

Kid’s Choice Award – 2762 Salmon Drive (Rich and Kay Butterfield and Family)

Kid’s Choice Award – 2762 Salmon Drive (Rich and Kay Butterfield and Family).

Ooo, baby it’s cold outside! This snow-covered ground made home to Frosty and his winter pals. There’s so much to see here that multiple cars had to make a stop to let the kids out to take it all in. The Butterfield’s didn’t miss a single detail in this arrangement and it’s a must-see for all, from one to ninety-two!

Penguins’ Paradise Award – 2751 Mainway Drive (Chris Marshall and Family)

The penguins have settled in for Christmas right here in Rossmoor! They couldn’t have asked for a nicer location as they bask beneath the myriad of palm trees and showcase their happy feet alongside their newfound minion friend in the candy cane lined grassy knoll. Thanks to Chris for bringing these happy feet penguins to our neighborhood and always upping the game!

Good Neighbors Award – 2661 & 2662 Tucker Lane (Lehigh & Harris Families)

What’s better than seeing a beautiful Christmas light display? How about two-for-one?!? The Good Neighbor Award goes to the Lehigh and Harris families and are located directly across the street from one another, making these a worthwhile stop on your Christmas light viewing route.

Santa’s Village Award – 3212 Hillrose Drive (The Den Hartog Family)

Santa’s Village Award – 3212 Hillrose Drive (The Den Hartog Family).

Let it snow, let it snow, let … it … SNOW! No joke – in addition to this home being jaw-dropping beautiful, the snow fell as the judges (kids quickly exited the cars) enjoyed the display. Santa dances on the porch and welcomes all to his village here on Hillrose Drive.

The Griswold Award – 3115 Bostonian Drive (The Hayes Family)

“Russ, when was the last time I overdid anything?” (Clark Griswold). Someone in the Hayes family inherited the Griswold exterior illumination skills! The arches along the front of the house add a new dimension to bring even more lighting to the covered roof, walls, and lawn. Before you head over to see this masterpiece, make sure to bring your sunglasses and your letters to Santa, as they have a magical mailbox on-site to assure those letters get to the big man up north in time for Christmas!

The Classy Christmas Award – 2751 St. Albans Drive (Randy and Maria Leavenworth)

This family has been delighting our neighborhood for all 16 years (and not just with the friendly moose), since the Christmas Lights Celebration started back in 2007. Bit of a Rossmoor history lesson here – Randy is the designer and initial builder of the Rossmoor Holiday Light Post that’s now prominent on hundreds of Rossmoor front yards. Maria is the designer and maker of most of the red bows on those posts for Christmas. Well, besides that contribution, their home is absolutely stunning, decorated with a Classy Christmas spirit, which includes lighted forest trees and home-made draping ribbons from the branches.

Rookie of the Year Award – 2701 Brimhall Drive (The Diaz Family)

This incredible display popped out of no-where, you might even say from a galaxy far, far away. Yes, there are Star Wars themed displays and a “days-until-Santa” counter for kids. The entire roof is draped with red streaming lights that parents will find rather impressive. We suspect the Diaz family is rather humble too, as the home was nominated by Tina Bueno, whose home is right across the street in full glory, and has also received Christmas recognition awards in the past. Both Rossmoor homes are super impressive and worth checking out along your Christmas lights route!

Not So Silent Night Award – 12651 Foster Road (Tom and Connie Giddens)

This is one of the RHA’s favorite awards and typically goes to a home with a quiet, gentle manger scene, that reminds us of why Christmas is special. Well, mission accomplished by the Giddens, with the display further surrounded by lights that outshine the north star. It’s been reported that Tom is sometimes adjusting lights or displays at 2:00 in the morning, or even during a pouring rain. That’s dedication, and we also know that Connie heavily contributes, since both were out front welcoming all Christmas Lights travelers to festive punch and cookies. True dedication to our neighborhood and we are grateful.

RHA Nomination Award – 3331 Huntley Drive (Stefan and Renee Djorklund-Snapper)

A long-time favorite with the Christmas Lights Celebration for over 10 years. Well, neighbors took notice and expressed their gratitude to Stefan and Renee for their hard work by nominating their home for an award. Multiple entries were received, and when the judges drove by, they weren’t disappointed, even with the high expectations set by the entries. This two story home is covered with glistening lights, child-lovable displays, and they even decorated the POD in the driveway with Santa and reindeer.

If Some is Good, More is Better Award – 3341 Kenilworth Drive (Aaron Graham and Family)

Decorating one’s home with some Christmas lights this time of year is always a good thing (can’t go wrong; makes people happy; more the merrier – right?) Well the Graham family’s home is solid proof that when one steps up their game, the result is sooooo dang spectacular! You will witness a house full of shiny, colorful lights from corner to corner that will bring smiles to everyone’s face – absolutely mesmerizing. Thanks sooooo much to the Graham family, who have bedazzled us with their home so many years now!

Family Judging Day Award – 2841 Blume Drive (Peter Covell and Family)

Seems like there was a full-court press for the Covell Family home to receive our first ever Family Judging Day recognition Award, as we were bombarded with write-ups of this house on the corner of Blume and Foster. Deservingly so too – even the signs to keep the curb clear read, “No Parking except for Santa” Very clever and practical! Taken directly from Lorene Lord’s entry: “I love all the penguins, polar bears and the big deer! It looks very playful. It is very well planned out with the blue lights being the water in front of the polar bears and the big reindeer with its playful look.” We couldn’t agree more. Thank you Lorene and the Covell family.

2022 Honorable Mentions (all these homes are also highlighted on the Hot Spots Map)

• 2902 Aceca Dr.

• 2892 Aceca Dr.

• 2841 Blume Dr.

• 3162 Blume Dr.

• 2682 Brimhall Dr.

• 3052 Burney Pl.

• 2862 Coleridge Dr.

• 3132 Druid Ln.

• 3371 Druid Ln.

• 2942 Edgeley Pl.

• 2942 Hillrose Dr.

• 3372 Huntley Dr.

• 11672 Kensington Rd.

• 11541 Martha Ann Dr.

• 11741 Martha Ann Dr.

• 12552 Martha Ann Dr.

• 11302 Pemberton Rd.

• 3011 Shakespeare Dr.

• 12081 Silver Fox

• 2732 St. Albans Dr.

• 3212 Wendy Way

• 11352 Wembley Rd.

• 2951 Yellowtail Dr.

• 3322 Yellowtail Dr.

2022 Bright Zones (all these locations are also highlighted on the Hot Spots Map)

• Burney Place (3000 block cul-de-sac)

• Woodstock Road (between Chaucer and Montecito)

• Cortese Drive (between Bostonian and Weatherby)