One GRF—double standards

To lower my growing electric bills, I decide to bring natural light in living room by installing two solar tubes.

I choose a well known in Leisure World, five-star customer rating contractor, and received Proposal.

As the ceiling has popcorn containing asbestos, I requested to hire asbestos abatement professionals. Contractor from GRF “Contractor’s List” presented Proposal to cut two holes diameter 14 ½ inch each in ceiling drywall for $1,250. With help of HomeAdvisor, Inc. I found a Contractor who agrees to make the work for $750, or 40% cheaper. According to California State License Board, the Contractor has a valid State License with five classifications, including B-General building contractor and C22-Asbestos Abatement.

As I requested Permit from GRF Physical Property Department, Mutual Building Inspector presented me “Contractor Requirements (contractors earnings $4,999 or less for all projects).”

After reading all nineteen requirements, I understood that GRF killed my small home improvement project. At that time I decide to check is GRF itself following its permits rules.

I know that few years ago GRF did not stop a project that completely destroyed Mutual irrigation system. Nor Facilities Director, nor CEO, whom I contacted, stopped that project.

They allowed the contractor work without a city of Seal Beach Permit. This time I decide to check two Mutual projects—one last year and current with total cost of $104,265. Both are relate to modifications of electric meters enclosures and attics ventilation. The first one is under Southern California Edison regulations, the second is under California Code. As I requested from City Seal Beach records of Permits to above projects, the City respond was (quote): “The City of Seal Beach has determined that there are no records responsive to your request”.

One GRF – double standards.

Mark Pogrebinsky,

Leisure World.

Selling Rossmoor homes and follow-up

For those living in my hometown of 25 years, Rossmoor, and are missing Shakespeare by the Sea for the second year in a row, I assure you that the best live theater in town was the recorded 7/13/2021 RCSD meeting.  It was only a few feet away from where the Shakespearian stage is often located.  This was only my second meeting and my first ever in attendance.  I was never so proud of my community reminding President Barke that his role as president is to not throw his own community under the bus.  What kind of CEO would ever consider doing such a brazen behavior?

Aside to Director Nitikman:  I am not sure if you remember me, but we talked for quite a while at a Malibu 4th of July party years ago.  I also don’t remember, was it the party where that cool biker showed up that turned out to be head security for a major Hollywood exec?  So quintessential Malibu and nobody would forget his presence!!!  Last week, I did my best to see if I could get President Barke a cool real estate forecasting gig with a premier forecasting organization, but alas I failed!

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Partisan Politics Has Got to Go!

Kim LeBouton


If Newsome remains

in office

Should Gov. Gavin Newsom remain in office, there is little doubt that another useless statewide mask mandate and anti-small business lockdown will be on the horizon.

The good news is that the Recall Newsom movement is a multi-partisan celebration! The ballot is filled with candidates who are Democrats, Republicans and other parties/no party preference coming together to recall the failing Gov. Gavin Newsom. Of the official candidates, 24 are Republicans, 9 Democrats and 13 are other parties or no party preference.

It’s not just Newsom’s lack of leadership during the pandemic that has resulted in the recall vote, but the many other issues that have Californians anxious to recall Newsom. Here are few reasons that Democrats, Independents/no party preference and Republicans plan to vote yes on the recall:

• Highest state income tax in the nation

• Highest gas taxes in the nation

• Growing homeless population and only plan is to house in motels and hotels at taxpayer expense

• Making California a sanctuary state for illegal aliens

• Strangling business regulations that cause companies to relocate

• Expanding COVID-19 economic restrictions, among the worst in the nation

West Orange County Republican Women Federated will be holding a “Summer of Love: Love to Recall Newsom” rally on Saturday, July 31 on Seal Beach Blvd. by the Shops at Rossmoor.

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Californians from all parties (and even those with no party preference) are invited to don their favorite red, white and blue attire, wave their American flags and encourage the community to Recall Newsom.

The Recall Newsom is multi-partisan! Almost every party/non-party is represented! Whatever your party affiliation, join us on Saturday, July 31 to urge the community to Recall Newsom.

Nancy Hathcock

President, West Orange County Republican Women Federated