Menorah lit in Eisenhower Park

A 9-foot Menorah burns brightly in Eisenhower Park, Sunday, Nov. 21.

The crowd attending the annual Seal Beach pre-Chanukah Menorah lighting on Sunday, Nov. 21, in Eisenhower Park, overflowed the section of the park north of the pier, with some guests standing on the sidewalk. The lighting of the 9-foot Menorah featured donuts, music, the rabbi/host danced during one song, and clapping throughout the program. The ceremony marked the start of the Chanukah season, the Jewish festival of lights, which officially begins Sunday, Nov. 28, and ends Monday, Dec 6.

This year’s celebration featured a performance by Musique Sur La Mer Orchestra, DJ EZZI, Isaac Gordon and the Los Alamitos High School’s Xtreme Choir. The choir’s performance included a rendition of “Candlelight.” Seal Beach Police were represented at the celebration by Capt. Mike Ezroj and Officer David Rael-Brook, who performed one of the traditional blessings. “The miracle of Chanukah happened with oil and we traditionally eat foods fried in oil, like the potato latka or the jelly donut,” according to the event program.

“The Chanukah victory allowed Jews to practice freely, and Jewish education was finally permissible once again, therefore, there is a custom to give Chanukah money ‘Gelt’ to help pay for a Jewish education,” according to the program.

“The Chanukah chocolate coins are a sweet tribute to the Chanukah Gelt,” according to the program.

The Shamash (service candle) was lit by the Reyngold family, the first candle by Dennis and Claire Singer, the second was lit in honor of Gary Prince, the third by the Erman family, the fourth by the Bikov family, the fifth by the Rubin family, the sixth by the Werner and Kurtz families, the seventh by the Franco family and the eighth, and last candle, was lit in honor of Tibor and Yvonne Rubin and the community.