McGaugh Elementary School lunch menu

The following is the Los Alamitos Unified School District’s McGaugh Elementary School Lunch menu for Jan. 6 through 13.

Salad of the Week: Asian Chicken – Jan 6. Chicken & Ranch Jan. 9 – 13.

Friday, Jan. 6

Pizza with pepperoni and/or cheese

Monday, Jan. 9

Chicken nuggets, Donut Hole

Tuesday, Jan. 10

Cheese burger and RF Doritos

Wednesday, Jan. 11

Chicken patty sandwich and Scooby Snacks

Thursday, Jan. 12

Mini corndogs and Happy Birthday cake

Friday, Jan. 13

Dominos Pizza, pepperoni or cheese with Icee

A student lunch with milk costs $2.50, milk alone is 40 cents

Tip of the Week: McGaugh’s donut holes are fortified with vitamins.