Local woman shares lifelong interest in UFOs with her latest book

Former teacher, Sherry Meinberg Phd, isn’t trying to convince anyone to believe that aliens have been visiting earth as long as humans have been around, she’s just opening up the conversation and sharing her thoughts.

She can’t even remember why, but Dr. Sherry Meinberg has had a strong interest in UFOs and aliens since early childhood. She’s always been a believer that intelligent life from other worlds is out there. She spent her life in the education field. She’s authored 21 books, ranging from children’s books, to books on autism and Alzheimer’s.

Her 22nd book, recently published, is finally the one that brings her lifelong interest in UFOs to public view. That does not mean she has kept her infatuation with the idea of aliens from other worlds a secret. Meinberg, a Long Beach resident, has been sharing her beliefs since she was a child.

Dr. Sherry Meinberg

“I don’t know where I got the idea from because nobody ever talked about it at home, neither did my friends, I was the one who always brought up the subject,” Meinberg said. 

Meinberg said that by the time she was in high school, she brought up the subject often. She admits that her friends and classmates often rolled their eyes or shook their heads, she said they were always polite about their skepticism. 

“They didn’t give me any grief about it, it was just like, ‘ah, you’re nuts,’ that kind of thing,” Meinberg said. 

Recent events have brought new life to the debate about UFOs. On June 25, Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report on UFOs to Congress. The term it used was unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs, but it noted 144 cases of these phenomena, in which nearly all are unexplainable. 

The report is not making any claims of aliens visiting earth, but Meinberg’s book states just that. Her book, based her research of several dozen books and reports is giving a broad overview of the argument that aliens have not only visited earth, but have abducted many people and are even living among us, blending in through various means.

“All of the research that I’ve read has said that they have been here as long as we have,” Meinberg said.

She isn’t looking to convert any non-believers, she simply is offering the believers’ viewpoint. The book covers the gamut of the believer argument, from different types of aliens, their interest in earth, abductions and even the idea that there was/is a government branch to keep all the information under control. That branch has gained more notoriety with the movie franchise about them – “Men in Black.”

Meinberg claims that the United States government has been more active in keeping information on UFOs away from public view than most other countries in the world. And she’s had varying reactions from those who have read her book. But she doesn’t mind the debate or even skepticism, she’s simply sharing her thoughts.

“I’m just having fun with it,” Meinberg said. 

Her book is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.