Letters to the Editor: June 24, 2010

Clergy abuse

Thank you for your article about Fr. Denis Lyons.

I think people want to believe that all of this is behind us. And they want to refer to this as a “scandal.”

It’s a crime. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church has protected criminals.

That’s the real story here. What did his superiors know and when did they know it?

I wish that part of the story would come out in the trial.

Mary Pitcher

Supporter of survivors of clergy abuse

Coyote column rebuttal needs clarification

In the June 17 issue, the Sun published a letter to the editor that stated a falsehood about my column regarding the Rossmoor Predator Management Team.

The letter-writer said I wrote that I wanted to “leave” my 3-year-old in the backyard. Then, she reprimanded me with the following: “A three-year-old child should never be left alone in the backyard or anywhere else!”

I would like to remind Sun readers of what I actually wrote: “I have a three-year-old son who loves to play in our backyard.” How did she misconstrue that to mean I leave him there by himself? My point was, we both are in danger if a coyote or two enters my yard; she knows from personal experience how vicious coyotes can be.

Her letter contains other distortions, which should be corrected, including her assertion that coyotes are now attacking animals here because of construction taking over their territory. I cannot think of any new land development within several miles of my neighborhood in the last five years (the recession guaranteed that, along with the obvious lack of land).

It is my understanding from my research that urban coyotes invade neighborhoods, not due to a lack of territory, but because they have learned pets are easy prey (as is food in garbage cans).

Perhaps she is unfamiliar with the case of the three-year-old Glendale girl who was killed in the early 1980’s by a coyote. The state removed about 55 coyotes within a 1/2-mile radius of her home. Would the letter-writer support a coyote management plan in such a situation? If not, then when?

Wildlife does deserve protection, but so does human life as well as the lives of innocent domestic animals. I hope our community will join together to find that balance before things get completely out of control.

Christa Chavez


Great coaching

The dust has settled on the baseball fields at St Hedwig, and the Dodgers are the Bronco division season champions.  An exceptional coaching staff led a fine group of boys to a season punctuated with some decisive wins and some stunning come from behind victories.  It couldn’t have happened without the stellar leadership of Head Coach Mark Celestin.  Mark’s tireless effort and unwaveringly positive attitude brought out the best in each of the boys.  They played as a team, they played their best, they never gave up, and they earned each of their victories. They take away more than a fun season of baseball. They take away life lessons, and that is truly what it is all about.

Andrew Ronnau