Letter to the Editor: Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017

Colonial Williamsburg a must

It is important to note a statement made in the magazine of Colonial Williamsburg’s 2017 winter edition.  The title of which is: “Chasing Optimism.”  The article is written by Mr. Mitchell B. Reiss, President and CEO of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.  Mr. Reiss also served in the USA State Department “negotiating with countries where freedom is considered anything but a birthright.”

The article starts with “Unsettled times send us searching for our founding principles.” Next states: “We must keep the lamp of the American experience burning brightly here for all who see it and would find inspiration in it.”  Then: “America’s enduring story: It is one of both triumph and tragedy, of struggle, progress and hopes we have yet to fulfill.”

It is my recommendation that everyone should make a trip and visit Colonial Williamsburg.  School children attendance should be a MUST.  This is the place where you learn the true history of our country’s founding and is truly a “beacon of liberty.”

My first time there was in 1988 when my youngest son moved to Richmond, Virginia for an employment opportunity.  After which I became a Foundation member and receive their magazines and even their annual financial report.

Please note that The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation has two Board Members from Los Angeles California

Antonia Hernandez and Sheldon M. Stone.  If you can’t seem to travel to Colonial Williamsburg perhaps you would like to receive their magazine titled: TREND & TRADITION.  Send you request to: editor@cwf.org or perhaps the bookstores nearby have copies for purchase.  Please be informed by reading or traveling to this wondrous place of history.

Carol Franz

Seal Beach