LAEF donates more than $74,000 for STEAM studies

Pictured are Rossmoor students using owl dissection kits purchased with LAEF grant funds.

The Los Alamitos Education Foundation recently donated more than $74,000 to Los Al schools for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math) needs this school year. LAEF accepted grant applications from school principals to support anything STEAM related, such as curriculum, supplies, technology and/or staff salaries.

“We were thrilled to award STEAM grants again this year to all nine district schools. It is even more rewarding to see all the ways these funds are bringing hands-on STEAM learning opportunities to students across Los Al Unified,” said LAEF Executive Director Carrie Logue.

At Lee Elementary School, the STEAM grant brought LEGO Spike Kits to the Media Center where students built objects with motors and created computer code to power them. These kits help bring STEAM concepts directly into the hands of students from a young age. At both Rossmoor and Hopkinson Elementary Schools, grant funds purchased Owl Pellet dissection kits, bringing memorable biology lessons to our elementary school students. In addition, elementary schools were granted funds for 3D Printing Pen learning sets, Maker Bot Sketch classroom bundles, OzoBot and BeeBot Kits and a poster printer. Multiple elementary schools are continuing to use LAEF STEAM funds to support salaries for STEAM/Media Center teachers.

At the middle school level, McAuliffe students are testing their engineering skills with new 3D printers which allow students to make their computer designs a reality. Oak Middle School received funds to purchase new projectors to utilize in their multi-purpose room for student performances in the Arts. Los Alamitos High School’s Photography program used grant funds to upgrade their studio lighting and print their work for gallery displays.

To date, LAEF has donated nearly $480,000 to support STEAM programs and staff across Los Alamitos Unified School District.

LAEF continues to support school STEAM fairs. Hopkinson and Rossmoor held their STEAM Fairs on April 20, McGaugh’s took place on April 27, and Los Alamitos Elementary School’s fair was on May 5. More STEAM fairs are to come! LAEF supports the fairs by providing a staff stipend for coordination of the fair, as well as providing funds for supplies and fair-related expenses. LAEF is excited to see the amazing projects and student innovation displayed on campuses this year.

“LAEF is happy to continue partnering with our schools to provide more STEAM learning through the STEAM fairs. It is always exciting to see the creative projects and engage with students as they present them to their peers and the school community,” said LAEF Executive Director Carrie Logue.

The STEAM donations are due in large part to the support from LAEF’s major donor group, the Los Al Leadership Circle (LALC). The LALC consists of the distinguished, significant supporters of LAEF’s visionary work. Members of the LALC provide the critical donations that bring LAEF’s support of Los Al kids to the next level. To learn more about how to become a member of the LALC, please visit

LAEF is the non-profit partner of Los Alamitos Unified School District. LAEF enhances educational excellence by providing after-school and summer enrichment programs to children in grades Pre-K to 12. LAEF impacts all students by providing significant funding for mental health/wellness and STEAM instruction, as well as igniting new programs and providing valuable resources. For more information, visit or call (562) 799-4700 Extension 80424 today.