Crime Log

Editor’s note: This week’s Seal Beach Crime Log is based on two documents provided by the Seal Beach Police Department. The combined documents represent 44 pages of information. One document is a summary log covering the period from July 18 to July 25. The detailed version of the log covered 90 incidents. Space does not permit the listing of every incident or arrest.


Friday, July 19

• Suspicious Person (Priority 2)—7:16 a.m.—Ocean Avenue (Old Town)—The caller found a stray dog and called the owner. (The number was on the dog’s tag.) The owner or owners came out of a trailer. The caller asked them questions. They left the area and, as of 7:18 a.m., they were in the First Street lot. However, police were unable to locate the people in question.

• Person Down (Priority 1)—8:04 a.m.—Surfside Avenue (Surfside Colony)—As of 8:05 a.m., the caller reported seeing what may have been a body floating in the water. The caller went to the surfline. As of 8:06 a.m., the caller could see a wetsuit. As of 8:10 a.m., the caller advised that it was just a black plastic bag with sand in it.

• Transient (Priority 3)—10:27 a.m.—Marina Drive (Bridgeport)—The caller saw a transient man at the location. The caller thought the man might possibly be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As of 10:30 a.m., the caller said the man was still present. The caller was concerned due to the presence of children in the area. As of 10:40 a.m., police contacted the man. He was counseled and provided with information about resources.

• Found Property (Priority 4)—10:45 a.m.—Silver Shoals Avenue and Bolsa Avenue—The caller reported finding a shopping cart with personal property inside. The caller said it had been at the location for several days. Report taken.

• Fraud (Priority 3)—2:08 p.m.—Crestview Avenue—The caller reported buying concert tickets that were a scam. The log did not describe the scam.) The amount of money the caller lost was blacked out in the log. As of 2:12 p.m., the caller said the seller of the “tickets” was harassing the caller by text. However, as of 2:53 p.m., the caller did not desire a report. Counseled.

• Disturbing Subject (Priority 2)—5:04 p.m.—Electric Avenue (Old Town)—The caller reported that a man urinated in public. As of 5:06 p.m., he was sitting on a bench in what the caller described as a park. As of 5:23 p.m., police had arrested Richard Margett on suspicion of indecent exposure.

• Hit and Run, Misdemeanor (Priority 2)—8:32 p.m.—Main Street (Old Town)—One car struck another on Main Street. The driver of the suspect car drove on. As of 8:48 p.m., police were unable to locate the suspect car. Apparently no one was injured.

Saturday, July 20

• DUI (Priority 2)—12:25 a.m.—Main Street (Old Town)—An anonymous caller said a driver was stumbling as he got into his car. He told police that the man was getting ready to drive away. Police were unable to locate the car in question.

• Traffic Stop (Priority 4)—2:19 p.m.—Bolsa Chica Road and Westminster Boulevard—A police unit stopped a car. Police, based on a bench warrant, arrested Kyle Ashe on suspicion of petty theft.

• Arrest—Seal Beach Boulevard and St. Cloud Drive—Police arrested Alfred Aaron Cubias on suspicion of misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance.

• Arrest—Seal Beach Boulevard and Anchor Way—Police arrested James Alfonso Guzman on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Sunday, July 21

• Arrest—Ocean Avenue—Police arrested Tierra Lynn Timms on suspicion of petty theft from a car.

• Arrest—Seal Beach Boulevard—Police arrested Nichole Elise Brown on suspicion of shoplifting less than $950 of merchandise.

Monday, July 22

• Arrest—14th Street and Electric Avenue—Police arrested Johanna Figueroa on suspicion of misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance.

• Arrest—Electric Avenue—Police arrested Felix Valdez Vasquez on suspicion of possession of illegal drug paraphernalia.

Tuesday, July 23

• Arrest—Edinger Avenue and Countess Drive (Huntington Beach)—Police arrested Danny Morris Kelley on suspicion of misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance.

Wednesday, July 24

• Arrest—Pacific Coast Highway—Police arrested Tony Madero Jones on suspicion of possession of illegal drug paraphernalia.