Briefing Room: Preventing bicycle thefts

Hi Seal Beach,

Is anyone else enjoying the warmer weather as much as we are?

As the warm spring sun brightens and warms Seal Beach, we see more residents pumping up their bike tires and hitting the streets. While cycling offers numerous health benefits and is an eco-friendly transportation option, the increase in bicycle activity also comes with a rise in theft incidents. The Seal Beach Police Department is urging all cyclists to take preventive measures to protect their beloved bikes.

Bicycle theft is a prevalent issue that tends to spike as more people ride bikes in warmer weather. We want to ensure that everyone takes the necessary steps to secure their bikes and prevent theft.

To combat this issue, we recommend the following bike protection tips:

1. Use a high-quality lock: Invest in a sturdy U-lock or a heavy-duty chain lock. Avoid using cable locks as they can be easily cut by thieves.

2. Lock it properly: Always (and we mean ALWAYS, even if you are gone for only a minute or two) secure your bike to a fixed object that cannot be easily broken or dismantled. Make sure to loop the lock through the frame and the wheels.

3. Be mindful of where you park: Choose well-lit and busy areas to park your bike. Avoid leaving it in secluded or poorly lit areas for long periods.

4. Keep a record: Note down your bike’s make, model, serial number, and any distinguishing features. This information can be crucial in recovering your bike if it gets stolen.

In addition to these tips, the SBPD strongly encourages residents to register their bicycles with Project 529. This bike registry system helps reduce bike theft and increase recovery rates through its unique registration and reporting platform.

Project 529 works by providing a secure and accessible registry where cyclists can register their bikes. Once registered, each bike is linked to its owner through a unique identifier, which can significantly aid in its recovery if stolen. The registry also allows fellow cyclists and law enforcement to quickly verify if a found or resold bike is stolen.

Seal Beach Police Department has partnered with Project 529 because of its proven effectiveness in deterring theft and facilitating the recovery of stolen bikes. By registering with Project 529, you not only protect your own bike but also help create a safer cycling community.

Residents can register their bikes for free at

Please take a few moments to register your bike so that in the unlikely event it gets stolen, we can help get your bike back to you quickly.

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