Aunt Gertie loves bicycles

Aunt Gertie and Aaron Perez (on right).

Aunt Gertie’s lookin’ for a handsome ol’ coot to throw me on the back of a bicycle built for two so we can cruise off into the sunset!  Oh my!  Do you think I’ll get lucky?  Hey, it could happen, you never know!  I can hoist up my purple day dress and get real comfy on that bike seat quicker ‘n you can blink an eye!!

I’ve been riding bicycles since I was a kid.  The first one my folks got me had solid rubber tires and no shock absorbers.  Rattled the dickens out of me but I loved it.  I went crazy riding that damn thing like a speed demon!  Then one day I pushed off at the top of our steep sloping garage driveway and crashed in the street when I hit a rock!  Sheesh!  Hopped back on and still love riding, just a bit slower!

Main Street Cyclery has been on Main Street in Seal Beach for close to twenty-five years.  First owned by Dave Dunton and now Jonathon Belding.  They work on every kind of bike from fancy expensive racing bikes to fun time beach cruisers.  If you’re looking for a particular model they can order anything you’d like.  They’ve worked on my bikes over the years and I can tell you this for a fact, their customer service is outstanding!

Aaron Perez has been working at the store for quite a few years.  He holds a degree in photography but fell in love with bicycle repair after first learning it from Dave.  He’s stayed with it and become a master repair technician and he loves working in Seal Beach!  Aaron told me if there are any complaints they will be taken care of by George the dog!  George said, “Woof, woof!”

Get on down to Main Street Cyclery, pick out the perfect ride and tell ‘em Aunt Gertie sent you!

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