Aunt Gertie and the Ukulele Busker

Aunt Gertie and Robby Ravenwood (on right).

Aunt Gertie loves to dance the jig.  Well, you would, too, if you heard Robby Ravenwood pluck away on his dadgum ukulele!  I got so excited the other day I threw on my purple day dress and shuffled on down to Main Street in Seal Beach to catch a delightful performance by this colorful entertainer who could star in Las Vegas in a heartbeat!  Everyone strolling down the sidewalk starts tapping their toes the minute they hear Robby and people inside Walt’s Wharf, wave like crazy, too.  He puts on a helluva good show and he takes requests and can play just about any song you’d like to hear.  His tip basket is stuffed to the brim from all the people who love his music.

Robby’s got a bunch of rhythm instruments like shakers and tambourines for the audience to grab and play and join in with the revelry.  He and his group, The Fun House Porcupines, sing, dance and keep the mood going for hours as you’ll see when you come for dinner at Walt’s on the corner of Main and Central.  Children giggle and smile and jump up and down while their parents watch in amazement as he casts his magic spell on them, plus the comedy never stops.  According to Robby’s website,,  he plays piano, guitar and, of course, ukulele in a ton of different venues.  He’s had the honor of opening shows for Paula Poundstone, Lily Tomlin and many other people and businesses in the entertainment industry.

Robby was born in Fort Benning, Georgia to an Austrian ballet dancing mother and Army Officer father.  He knew early on entertainment would be his calling in life.  He’s comfortable playing many musical styles but Gypsy/Jazz, Folk, Western Swing and hilarious ukulele tunes are his favorites with lots of improvisation thrown in for more laughs.

Robby Ravenwood, The Ukulele Busker, is a man after me own heart.  You absolutely must come down to hear him in our beautiful little town of Seal Beach in Southern California, and I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

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