2022 Seal Beach City Council candidate statements

District One

Joe Kalmick

Councilmember City of Seal Beach District 1

Joe Kalmick

As I complete my first term as City Council Member for District 1 and my second consecutive term as Mayor, I am proud of my accomplishments in both roles. Highlights include securing funding from the County to install ADA beach accessibility mats, the installation of flashing stop signs at critical intersections in Old Town, developed a pilot dog park at Zoeter Park (which will soon be opening as a permanent dog park), and proposed that the City bring our Animal Control Services back in-house, which is the process of being implemented. In addition I requested that our Finance Department look into leasing our fleet vehicles, which will result in significant cost savings in the long term.

We are just now coming out of the most challenging 2 ½ years that our City has ever faced. Yet we have adopted a balanced budget for the last three fiscal years. Even with the City Hall closures, there was no cut back in services. Indeed, we quickly instituted policies to help our restaurants survive.

I ask for your vote to continue this work. As always I respond to phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings, and I have never missed a Council meeting.

Christopher Desanto

Corporate Finance Executive

Christopher DeSanto

I am a Seal Beach resident, concerned about our community, standing up to help our fellow residents. I am running for Seal Beach City Council to make our small town, an even better place to live. I am here to listen to you – to be the voice of the people.

My top priorities include safety, infrastructure, spending and transparency. I bring with me over 15 years of corporate finance experience helping build, stabilize or turn around new or distressed organizations. I am used to accomplishing much with very little. A budget is a list of priorities, and I will make sure every taxpayer dollar spent is delivering results for the community.

I am tireless in never accepting less than the best, and I will bring that same standard to the Seal Beach City Council. I promise you accountable, action-driven, and trusted leadership. I ask you for the opportunity to serve you and our fellow residents, and would be honored to earn your vote.

Tel: (714) 794-8346 | E-Mail: chris@desantoforsealbeach.com


Instagram: @desantoforsealbeach

Facebook: @desantoforsealbeach

Gregg Barton

United States Merchant Marine

Gregg Barton

Having grown up in this small town, I get it. For instance, public participation at city meetings is a time-honored part of our culture.

City Council meetings that went until a consensus was reached was part of our heritage. But today long after mask mandates were removed and businesses open, city meetings remained “online.” To keep our town vibrant, we all need to be in the room, listening to ideas, brainstorming together, keeping the culture of this unique town alive.

As taxpayers, we need a representative who will watch over city spending to ensure that our dollars are spent increasing our quality of life. Safety and security must be a priority.

As a surfer, boater, diver and Merchant Marine, I care about clean water and clean beaches. As a retired beach Public Works employee, I care about safe sidewalks, well paved roads, storm water drainage and adequate parking. Moreover, I have the experience to see that the job is done and done right.

I promise monthly get-togethers in public places and open, live city meetings. I will listen and carry your ideas forward.

I ask for your vote. Gregg: an experienced local who is accountable only to taxpayers.

Let’s talk: 562-241-0248

District Three

Fred Macksoud

Retired Attorney

Fred Macksoud

I have lived in Seal Beach for almost 15 years, and before that in Naples for 25 years as a “next door neighbor” of Seal Beach. I was attracted to Seal Beach for its small town character and overall low crime. I would like Seal Beach to maintain those attributes. A city’s schools, police and fire protection, location and appearance make it desirable. Seal Beach has it all.

I am a fiscal conservative and a sensible environmentalist. To have an outstanding police and fire department, as we do, there must be full funding with a healthy pinch of economy. If elected, I will vote that both Departments get the necessary resources they need. To have an attractive and healthy environment, the City Council must likewise have the resources to make Seal Beach an even better run and more beautiful place.

The thirty plus years I served as a Deputy District Attorney with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office gave me experience and insight to effectively serve you. My ten years in the Environmental Crimes/.Cal OSHA Division and twenty years in criminal prosecutions showed me the need to stop problems before environmental damage is done and the need to prevent crimes.

I hope you give me the opportunity to serve you.

Stephanie Wade

AGE: 55

Veterans Policy Advisor

Stephanie Wade

I am a parent, surfer and veterans policy advisor. My home is in Seal Beach because I love living and surfing here. I’m running to keep our town a prosperous, safe, fun place to live and raise a family.

I’ve owned houses and lived in other beach towns but nothing compares to our jewel by the sea. I want to focus on protecting our most important assets from sea level rise, beach erosion, and the waste that floats out of the San Gabriel River and the port.

My public service includes serving as a Marine infantry officer, teaching in public schools and serving as Vice Chair of the OC Veterans Advisory Council. I also led one of the nation’s largest Surfrider chapters in successful beach access, dune restoration and trash reduction campaigns. I served as a Veterans Liaison to a local congressmember. I’ve worked alongside city governments and regularly attend city council meetings.

I’ve gotten to know the current council members and appreciate their collegiality and knowledge. As a councilmember, I will maintain that sense of unity and add new energy and purpose to the city, bringing my experience as a Marine officer to our relationship with NWS Seal Beach.

Lisa Landau

Community Volunteer

Lisa Landau

I chose Seal Beach to raise my son because it’s a safe, secure, wholesome town, one that values volunteerism and has given my family safe haven.

As an accountant, I know the value of a dollar and how to ensure monies are properly prioritized to provide safety, well maintained infrastructure, clean water and clean public spaces.

As the past communications director for Seal Beach Police Volunteers, I am well aware of our safety needs and am dedicated to maintaining a safe community. Homelessness is a major issue in our town. I believe as a community working with our surrounding cities, we can begin to actively address this problem which is threatening our small town.

As a Leo student advisor, I know the importance of providing our young people with meaningful opportunities to serve others, bettering our town and staying busy. We need recreational opportunities for young and old as it bonds us as a community adding to our quality of life.

Today we are at a crossroads. It is my pledge to keep our small town a safe place to live, work, play and raise our families.

I ask for your vote to represent you on our City Council.

I’m available at 714-656-8000.

District Five

Jonathan Rich

Age: 65


Jonathan Rich

I am honored to be considered as your council member. Seal Beach is a beautiful city and Leisure World is a unique and dynamic community. For most of my career, I worked for the

County of Orange, initiating and implementing data-based quality improvement projects. I would apply the same sensible approach to maintaining and improving the quality of life in our city and community.

My position is simple: ensure that the Seal Beach budget is well-spent to support the wonderful quality of life here and that Leisure World is well represented.

I would take my role as a representative seriously, maintaining an “open door” policy, inviting and listening to your ideas. Your vote for me will ensure that your voice will be heard, and you will be empowered as a citizen of Seal Beach and member of the Leisure World community.

Nathan Steele

AGE: 69

Business Owner

Nathan Steele

I am a small business owner working in Christian Radio. Also, since 2011, I have served as US Director with Grace Bible Mission doing work in Cameroon, Africa. I am a Christian Conservative concerned with the direction of our country.

Seal Beach is a wonderful city with a rich history and small-town appeal. We are surrounded by big cities that have “Big City” problems. I will work to keep Seal Beach a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family.

Michael McGrorty


Michael McGrorty

Our District is an island within Seal Beach containing a wonderful group of seniors who contribute greatly to the world. Our community is largely self-maintained. We generally solve our own problems. Even so, some problems, both within and outside our walls, require assistance.

I consider City Council to be a job for ensuring the safety and security of those who live in our District. As a former federal and private investigator, I have decades of experience exploring issues and defending rights, and have written state and federal legislation as well. As a Navy veteran, I am used to hard work and difficult tasks.

I will commit to this as a full-time job, not a part-time recreation. I will be available to all residents when they need me, on any issue, whether concerning the city or any other agency. The best role for a Councilmember from our District would be as an intervener, a liaison, and an ombudsman, first with the city itself, and also to other agencies and organizations. This is a most deserving electorate, and I plan to give them all I have to offer.

Thanks in advance for your support. We can do more great things together.

Mariann Klinger

Mariann Klinger

As a candidate for Seal Beach City Council in District 5, I can serve my Leisure World neighbors, representing their needs and interests as a vital part of the city. At the same time, I will support those interests along with those of the city as a whole. I hope to maintain the vision of community and caring that makes Leisure World and Seal Beach successful.

For the past seven years I have served on the city’s Planning Commission, appointed by Council member Sandra Massa-Lavitt. As a planning commissioner and as a 13-year resident of the city and of Leisure World, I have become familiar with the small town atmosphere of Seal Beach and the close-knit community of Leisure World.

In Leisure World, I have been fortunate enough to serve with its security department for 10 years and to meet many of my neighbors here.

In addition to my work in the community, I believe my previous work experience and education will serve me well on Seal Beach Council.  I covered city and county governments for 20 years as a daily newspaper reporter and editor, mostly in Monterey County. I earned a BA degree in communications and a MA in Political Science.

In Leisure World I am active in a number of clubs and organizations. And among my favorite things to do, when I’m not at the gym, is spending time in old town, walking, shopping and dining.