Work begins on Red Car Museum

A man appears to be sanding the Red Car Museum on Thursday, Oct. 29. Photo by Christopher Martinez

Work began last Thursday, Oct. 29,  on the Red Car Museum on the Electric Avenue Greenbelt. Someone dropped by the Sun office to let the paper know about it. One worker was observed Oct. 29; two were observed Friday, Oct. 30.

The Sun asked the Seal Beach Historical Society/Red Car Museum for information about the work being done in an Oct. 31 email. No reply had been received as of Tuesday, Nov. 3. The condition of the Red Car and the leadership of the Seal Beach Historical Society have recently become a local issue. As of Tuesday morning, Nov. 3, a petition “Demanding Change of Leadership to the Seal Beach Historical Society” had acquired 556 signatures.

The Historical Society owns the Red Car and leases the land on which it stands from the city government for $1 a year. It isn’t possible to monitor the site 24 hours a day, but work apparently continued on Saturday. A segment of the Red Car had been painted white by the end of Saturday, Oct. 31. Work was also done on the Red Car Museum last year. (“Historical Society says Red Car Museum improvements are in progress,” Sun Newspapers, Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019.)