Sunset Beach artist selected for major exhibit

Sunset Beach artist Bill Anderson with his iconic “Golden Bear” painting.

Sunset Beach artist Bill Anderson‘s watercolor of Huntington Beach’s iconic Golden Bear was selected by the Hilbert Museum of California Art as part of a new exhibit same place another time views of Orange County.

Orange Mayor Dan Slater said: “The grand re-opening of the Hilbert Museum marks not only a significant milestone for our city, but also a testament to the enduring spirit of art and culture in Orange. The Hilbert Museum is more than just a collection; it is a symbol of a renaissance of creativity, inspiration and cultural enrichment for all who are proud to call Orange home.  This Museum showcases the vibrant tapestry of California’s rich heritage through the eyes of its talented Artists, past and present.”

The Hilbert Museum is Located at 167 N. Atchison Street in Orange near Chapman University. The Museum has nine different exhibits some featuring Artist Millard Sheets, and Norman Rockwell. “My wish came true,” said Mark Hilbert, who with his wife Janet made the museum a reality with assistance from Chapman University. “Seeing the art being so enjoyed by the public is fantastic. I think the art allows people to really connect with it. It’s art everybody relates to places people have seen in California.” Featured in the new exhibit are paintings by Milford Zornes, Rex Brandt, and other California artists. Among the new exhibits is one featuring Disney Art. The museum is open to the public free but reservations are needed from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Log on to: or call (714) 516-5880.