Student takes time from the pool to help out Sun News


Shane Radaich moved into the editor’s chair for a day last week. Photo by Aaron Hills

Last week the Sun News hosted another student Editor for the Day with Long Beach resident Shane Radaich coming in to help our editorial staff, proof, write and collect content for the Sun News.

Shane was one of our local students who obtained his editor post via a fundraiser for Project SEEK at McGaugh Elementary. Like our others, Shane’s apprenticeship was postponed due to COVID, but we were finally able to accommodate him. And we added a little extra work for the now middle school student.

Shane was tasked with going out to collect photos and responses for our popular Sidewalk Talk feature. Shadowed by Charles Kelly, Shane spoke with people on Main Street to find out what some thought about the idea of a dog beach being set up near the river jetty. For the results, see page 6.

Shane said he enjoyed the venture. Shane does not necessarily think he’ll go into any field of writing, but said he was interested in how the paper gets produced. Currently he is focused on sports. He plays most of the traditional sports, but his favorites, and probably his best sports are water sports.

He swims and plays water polo and is looking to continue to push himself in swimming in particular. He swims in club competitions and even qualified for Junior Olympics. His favorite event is backstroke. When asked why, he said sheepishly, “Because I’m good at it, that’s what I made Junior Olympics in so …”

The Sun News appreciates Shane’s help in producing this week’s Sun News and wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.

Ted Apodaca is the editor of the Sun News and Catalina Islander. He can be reached at, or 562-317-1100. Follow him on Instagram: @tedapodaca