Seal Beach council appoints new Recreation and Parks commissioner for District Four

The City Council this week unanimously approved the appointment of William Holliday De Witt II to represent District Four on the Recreation and Parks Commission.

District Four Council Member/Mayor Schelly Sustarsic made the request.

This was originally a Consent Calendar item, but Sustarsic pulled it. She said she pulled it just to introduce De Witt. She said he got her attention when he posted something on social media about people helping him pull weeds in a park. She thanked De Witt for volunteering.

The audience applauded.

Sustarsic was about to move on to the next agenda item when City Clerk Gloria Harper reminded Sustarsic that they needed a motion. Sustarsic moved to appoint De Witt to the Recreation and Parks Commission.

The council members voted on their iPads. It was unanimous. “Now it’s official,” Sustarsic said.


“Pursuant to Government Code Section 54974(a), whenever an unscheduled vacancy occurs on any board, commission, or committee for which the legislative body has the appointing power, an unscheduled vacancy notice shall be posted and appointment to the board, commission, or committee shall not be made by the legislative body for at least ten (10) working days after the posting of the notice,” according to the staff report prepared by Deputy City Clerk Brandon DeCriscio.

“The notice of resignation for Ann Saks from the Recreation and Parks Commission was received February 29, 2024; and the required Notice of Vacancy was posted February 29, 2024,” DeCriscio wrote.

The notice was physically posted on the bulletin board outside City Hall. This is allowed by law.

“The term for the new appointee will expire in December 2024,” DeCriscio wrote.