SB Lions, Easter Bunny to deliver Easter Eggs

The Seal Beach Lions are preparing for the Easter Bunny to deliver eggs to Seal Beach kids on Saturday, April 8. The Easter Bunny won’t just deliver the eggs. Bunny will hide them. Fortunately, these eggs won’t spoil even if missed during the first search.

With the goal of hiding the eggs in mind, the Lions are asking residents to email the Lions with the information they need. The Lions need to know the number of children in a given home who are 5 years old or younger. They need to know the address. (Hard to hide the Easter eggs if you don’t know which yard you’re supposed to visit.)

The Lions also need the parents’ email and phone number In case the Easter Bunny has questions. (The Easter Bunny’s powers do not include telepathy.)

The Lions are also asking parents to put the Lions logo in their windows so the logo may be seen from the street.

If you want the Easter Bunny to visit, email