Rossmoor names Christmas Lights Contest winners

1st Place, Bill & Lorraine Jones, 3262 St. Albans Dr.

The schools are on break.  You’re home for the holidays.  Families are visiting, and you’re wondering what to do between now and Santa’s arrival this Sunday.

Here’s an idea.  Pile everyone into the family cruiser and hit the streets of Rossmoor!  It’s that time of the year to check out the Rossmoor Christmas Lights decoration champions.  Take some hot cocoa, eggnog, and Aunt Mable along for the ride.  Before hitting the streets, make sure to take the Rossmoor Hot Spots Map, which can be seen and downloaded from the Rossmoor RHA website:

Here are the Rossmoor Winners, Award Recipients and Honorable Mentions for 2011:

1st Place, Bill & Lorraine Jones, 3262 St. Albans Dr.

Congratulations – you did it!  Two years ago they placed third.  Last year, they place second.  This year, pedal to the metal, determined to reach the summit, they added more lights, more icicles, an abominimal snowman with Rudolph, and their house is absolutely stunning.  No photo could do it justice.  You have to check it out for yourself.  The Jones Family make the neighborhood proud, and we plan to enter them in the $100,000 contest to represent Rossmoor.

2nd Place, Bill & Serina Carson, 11751 Martha Ann Dr.

Taking advantage of its unique shape and strategic placement of palm trees and masonry, the Carson family has added even more lights to its castle.  Talk about a tree-hugger, much to Serina’s discontent, Bill climbed to the top of each tree and wrapped each trunk in lights.  They even decorated the interior courtyard with green lights.  Driving towards the house on Piedmont, as you see it in the distance, you know there’s something special ahead.

3rd Place, Randy & Cindy Wind, 3152 Bradbury Rd.

It’s so nice to have the Wind family back in action, winners from a couple years ago, their home on the corner is just as magnificent and appealing as ever.  The house and lawn are covered in lights and forest animals from one corner of the home to the other side of the garage.  There’s a bright guiding star mounted atop the chimney, and a well lit friendly dog welcoming all Christmas lights spectators.

Good Neighbors Award, Burney Place

We all know this famous cul-de-sac by now.  Not only because of its intriguing Rossmoor history, but because even as a young child, this was always one of the streets to visit to see the Lights.

Well, we are proud to report that the spirit continues this year with 100% participation of all the homes on the block.

The families living there encourage you to drive by, at least two or three times this Christmas season.

Highlight Award, Scott & Vickie Weldon, 11801 Norgrove Ln.

As in “High” “Light” Award.  Nuff said.  One of the judges was heard to say, “Wow, makes you wonder how they do it?”

OK, Sign Me Up Award, Rossmoor Holiday Posts, St. Albans

Yes, the Christmas moose and Rossmoor Holiday Posts are back and growing.  First check them out on St. Albans Drive between Foster and Martha Ann.  A few more are sprouting up next door on Oak Knoll.  If some is good, then more are better.  Want a Rossmoor Holiday Post of your own?  Then send a note to, and we’ll keep you posted on the next workshop date.  Build it yourself, or we’ll do it for you.

Winter Wonderland Award, Tim and Lynnette O’Bryan, 12681 Martha Ann Dr.

Every year, this is a stop along the route you look forward to visiting.  You know it’s going to be good.  You know it’s going to bring a smile to a child’s face when they see the bright Christmas trees, shiny icicles outlining the peaks and the airplane and igloo inflatables up on the rooftop.  So much good stuff it easily earns the Winter Wonderland name.

Holiday Season Award, Steve and Jane Caddell, 3181 Tigertail Dr.

One of the first homes the judges quickly fell in love with.  Playful, thoughtful, colorful and anyone who has strewn lights across their rooftop will get an immediate appreciation for the effort made to adorn the high peaks of this beautiful home.  Much care and effort went into decorating this house for the neighborhood to enjoy.

Gingerbread House Award, Raul and Norma Rodriquez, 3011 Shakespeare Dr.

Word on the street is that Norma wanted to make a gingerbread house for Christmas in the kitchen.  Raul had ideas of grandeur and converted the entire house into a gingerbread style dwelling.  Last year the Rodriquez family won the Candyland Award.  With more lights and more colorful candy decorations added, they made great even better.  It’s another stop along the route youngsters will enjoy.

Rookie of the Year, Damian & Penny McCann, 3051 Inverness Dr.

Wow, not bad for a Rookie!  This is a beautiful two-story home that was entered at the last moment, and according to the judges, it was well worth the visit.  Starting with the parkway tree wrapped in colored lights, the McCann Family made sure anyone driving by shared in the Christmas spirit.  Definitely off to a good start.  One judge said with this house, we can’t wait to see what they do next year.

A few more you have to check out:

11325 Donovan Road, 2751 Mainway Drive, and 12652 Martha Ann Drive

These homes are Honorable Mentions:

2662 Tucker, 11302 Foster, 3222 Orlando, 2751 Tucker, 3321 Wimbleton, 2942 Edgeley, 3341 Kenilworth, 11802 Davenport, 2762 Salmon

Better yet, they’re worth checking out for yourself, a simple evening of absorbing the Christmas spirit.  Make it easy by downloading the Rossmoor Christmas Lights “Hot Spots” Map, where the locations of all these dwellings are identified with a big red dot, plus a few more homes along the way.  Make sure to get your Hot Spots map from the Rossmoor RHA Web site:

Want to suggest another decorated house for the map?

Your thoughts are welcomed and appreciated.

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