Painting Seal Beach – area artists enjoy local sights

H2O painters work on the Old Town intersection and Hennessey’s restaurant during their most recent venture to Seal Beach. Photo by Ted Apodaca

A local group of artists has been making regular visits to Seal Beach to paint scenes and landmarks in town. They are often seen set up with easels and brushes and were recently set up across from Hennessey’s painting pictures of the popular main street restaurant.

The group calls themselves the H2O Painters and they have been setting up in Seal Beach for years. They have a rotating schedule of areas around Southern California where they meet for inspiration, socializing and even supporting the local businesses.

The group met in an art class and later formed the group to share in artistic inspiration. They follow a six-month schedule and move up and down the coast, to find scenic places to paint. Their stops range, “from point Fermin to San Juan Capistrano,” Long Beach resident Sandy Winkler said.

Group member Ede Streiff said the group usually sets up at the pier or the Red Car when they come to Seal Beach, but had decided to change it up and use Hennessey’s as their backdrop on their recent visit to Seal Beach. She said the group always looks for spots with parking and a public restroom. And places to eat lunch or shop as they try to help out the local businesses where they paint.

She also noted that the group has developed a friendship that also includes a Christmas party where they exchange hand-painted cards and artwork.

“A lot of us met in an art class and just decide to paint on our own,” Streiff said.

Painting Seal Beach – area artists enjoy local sights