SBPD to resume street sweeper parking Monday, Feb. 1, 2021

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Do yourself a favor. Move your car before the street sweeper comes starting Monday. The local police are going to start issuing tickets again.

The State of California has recently moved Orange County into the  Purple Tier.  As  a result, the  Seal Beach Police Department will  resume Street Sweeper Parking Enforcement on  Monday, Feb. 1.


The Environmental Protection Agency identifies street sweeping as a Best Management Practice for  water quality control improvement.  It removes trash and debris, sediment, fertilizers, heavy metals, and floatable material before it can reach our oceans.  In order to ensure the  health and safety of the  Seal Beach community and waterways, street sweeping enforcement will  resume.


On Monday, February 1, 2021, street sweeper parking enforcement will resume and citations will be issued for those who do not move their cars.


“Street sweeping is critical to help keep the rivers and oceans clean,” said Steve Myrter, Seal Beach director of Public Works. “By not cleaning the streets, pollutants and debris are allowed to flow off the streets into the City’s storm drains and ultimately into the ocean. Street sweeping helps keep Seal Beach beautiful and healthy.”


For  information about parking enforcement, call the  SBPD Traffic and Parking Division at (562) 799-4100, ext. 1119.