Opinion: The ‘latent powers’ deception

Joyce Bloom

The Rossmoor Community Services District Board and its General Manager Henry Taboada are a deceptive bunch.  Over three months ago they had a closed meeting with their attorney in order to ask the Attorney General of California if the RCSD could pursue latent police powers.

Did they get an answer? I don’t know. But, shouldn’t that answer be public knowledge? And why did they need to inquire about police powers when the Government Code of California makes it clear that latent powers are available to all Community Services Districts? In fact, there are so many latent powers available it’s laughable:  Over 30.

Rossmoor voted down cityhood in 2008 because the citizens of Rossmoor were sure that the expenses of being a city would be greater than Rossmoor could manage. They were right. Cityhood would have been burdensome monetarily.

The small group of people that had pushed it in concert with the RCSD are the very same ones that are now pushing for expansion of the RCSD’s powers.  Remember, that group thought nothing of spending more than $100,000 of your money on the cityhood question.

Money has now been spent on a survey which is designed to show that the Rossmoorians want latent powers. Why? Because the RCSD wants to expand their powers, not because they are concerned about your welfare.

Refuse collection by CR&R. Why allow the RCSD to negotiate for us?

The group behind all this latent powers nonsense is only concerned about getting free bins for paper collections and maybe collecting cans etc.

Years ago, the county found out that the people of Rossmoor did not want to segregate their trash. They followed through on that request and we do not need to segregate. Are we still green? Yes, because CR&R does it for us.

They now drum up interest in latent powers for animal services by using the Rossmoor Predator Management people to scare you into thinking that you need animal control at your beck and call.  Folks, think about it. If it is an animal emergency (a bite) you would call 911.

Frankly, I would prefer the Fish and Game dictating policy over coyotes than the RCSD.  As someone who does not have a dog or cat and who makes sure my grandchildren are supervised, I am not worried about coyotes. I have noticed that there are fewer cats in the neighborhood defiling my garden and more dogs on leashes. So let’s hear it for coyotes.

Let’s remember that annexation by Los Alamitos is another scare tactic of the group that wanted cityhood.  Rossmoor will be able to vote on it before it can become a reality!

Joyce Bloom is a longtime Rossmoor resident and former member of the Rossmoor Community Services District Board of Directors.