Letters to the Editor: March 31, 2011

County Supervisor no friend to county residents

Supervisor John Moorlach representing West Orange County does not take his responsibilitiy to county residents seriously.

A county supervisor is the de facto mayor of his county district.

As such he is responsible to protect and serve his county constituents. Moorlach’s agenda is to sluff off as much county territory in his district as he can so he can’t be held accountable to protect and serve its residents.

He seems to have a particular dislike for Rossmorians as he’s tried to enlist the political hacks at LAFCO to help him get out from under his responsibility for Rossmoor.

No other Orange County supervisor has so gone out of his way to dump county residents as Supervisor Moorlach.

And, listen to what he says about the residents of Rossmoor, “I am pursuing a course that the people of Rossmoor may not like, but I know what’s best for them.” The last time anyone heard a statement like that it was coming out of the mouth of a dictator. Wow, what arrogance from an elected representative.

Moorlach became known when as a CPA he said Orange County was going to lose money on its investments, which came true. He used that acclaim to run for county treasure, found it was a hard job and traded it off for a supervisor’s position.

Now he wants to run for a statewide office and believes if he can make a big slash in government circles with this dumping of county islands he can get support to run for state controller or state treasure. What’s a little thing like dumping Rossmoor from his responsibility compared to gaining a statewide office?

Well, I for one won’t support Moorlach for statewide office and will willingly support anyone else who will run against Moorlach in the next election. Hopefully everyone living in Rossmoor will do the same. We need a supervisor that knows what his responsibility is towards his county constituents.

Bruce Smith


Privatization of city services

Seal Beach City Council take heed: In many towns across the United States firefighters aren’t government employees, they are employees of private firms. Every homeowner receives a quarterly bill for their service. If you fail to pay the bill, the fire department fails to show up and put out your house fire. Homeowners insurance also goes up (alot) if they find out that you haven’t paid the fire bill. Firefighters currently have unions, pretty uniforms, they work for the government, which is notoriously generous when spending tax payer money, they have pensions and healthcare for life which is simply not sustainable. Do your jobs, think out of the box and plan for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Bob Thornburg

Questions for Citizens of Sunset Beach Association

There have been numerous letters to the editor and “guest” articles in the Sun regarding the proposed annexation of Sunset Beach by Huntington Beach. Most are written by members of the Citizens of Sunset Beach Association. Despite all of the invective, I have four simple questions which have yet to be answered. They are:

Why do articles by CASB members continuously point to a survey completed over two years ago? Why not just mention that a majority of Sunset Beach residents have joined the Citizens Association of Sunset Beach?

I have been told that the CASB has fewer than 100 members. What is the actual number of members of the CASB? What is the actual base of potential members (residents, absentee property owners, renters & business owners who don’t live in Sunset Beach)?

Why are all meetings, and communications, of the CASB secret? I have not seen any public notice of meetings, am told that members are invited selectively, and minutes of meetings are not posted at the Sunset Beach Post Office, where minutes of all other Sunset Beach public organizations are posted.

Why is the CASB organized in Huntington Beach, since it purports to represent Sunset Beach residents? The address of the Citizens of Sunset Beach Association is 15931 Chemical Lane #A, Huntington Beach, CA 92649.

In asking these four questions, I urge the CASB to remember that every question is not a challenge. Answers to these questions will certainly help to determine my position, and that of many of my neighbors, as we contemplate the discussion regarding Huntington Beach and Sunset Beach.

Susan F. Johnston, a renter in Sunset Beach for more than 8 years