‘Love Songs’ event to support blanket project

As the Artistic Director of the Seal Beach Symphony, I wanted to follow up with an update for the Isaiah House Blanket Project. For Christmas this year we have shipped 1,643 blankets at the cost of $12,857.90, making the cost per unit $7.86 landed.

This shipment arrived consisting of six pallets on a semi-truck and filled a two-car garage. While as much product as this sounds like, I know that it will only last in the community for the next three months. Therefore, we hope to send another shipment in March. To help realize this goal, we will again use our annual “Love Songs” Feb. 12 event as a fundraiser for this worthy cause.

For more information on how to support this cause please visit – cathedralproductions.org. To join us at Love Songs please visit – love-songs or call (562) 509-8640.