Local church honors Seal Beach Police Department

Pictured left to right are SBPD Commander Mike Ezroj, Sergeant Nick Nicholas, Senior Pastor Joe Pedick, Kathleen Pedick, Steve Newsome, Chief Philip Gonshak and Sergeant Joe Hardin. Photo By Chris MacDonald

Calvary Chapel of the Harbour in Sunset Beach honored the Seal Beach Police Department by presenting them with gift gaskets which had a Flag, a Bible Scripture and sweets, according to Senior Pastor Joe Pedick. The Scripture was from  Joshua 1:9: “for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

“We wanted to show our appreciation to the faithful men and women of Seal Beach Police.,” Pedick said. “We wanted to honor them by showing our gratitude for their wonderful service to the community. They are in our hearts and on our minds and we are praying for them.”

“I think it’s awesome that there’s a lot of ways to support our officers but this was one of the coolest ways to show them,” said Assistant Pastor and Seal Beach resident, Chad Harris. “They are appreciated and loved by their community. We’re glad to give them a ‘shot in their arm,’ showing that people support and love them risking their lives to protect us.”

“The outpouring of support from the community has been incredible,” said Seal Beach Police Chief Philip Gonshak.  “These are difficult times for many, including our men and women in the department.  However, acts of kindness and appreciation like we saw with the generous donation from Calvary Chapel of the Harbour go a long way.  It helps remind our staff that they are appreciated and their efforts are making a difference.  We cannot thank the community enough for their support.”

If you see a Seal Beach Police Officer, THANK THEM for their service.

Local church honors Seal Beach Police Department