Letters to the Editor: Thursday, June 10, 2019


Is it the same old, same old in Leisure World?

It’s a new year, but same old, same old in Leisure World Seal Beach. Or is it?

We know that some GRF Board members recently went to Laguna Woods to see how they charge for amenities. Why? Is our GRF Board planning to charge us for amenities…pool, exercise room, table tennis, golf course, clubhouse rooms, etc in 2019? Will this end up like the globe and pool decisions? Without professional help, the Board in both of those cases attempted to get shareholder input before moving forward. However, not knowing how to get valuable input from the shareholders, the Board got frustrated and went ahead anyway, leaving shareholders out in the cold.

We know what happened with the globe. Shareholder input was abruptly cut off and $173,000 was approved for the project. In the end, $500,000 was spent. We have no idea what the Board will do about the pool, but it’s likely to be a repeat scenario of the globe.

Why are they suddenly interested in amenities? How was it determined that this is a pressing issue facing us in 2019?

We hear that unit sales are down dramatically because the purchase requirements have been changed, making it impossible for ordinary folks, like many of us are, to qualify. Who decided it was a good idea to make these changes? Why isn’t our Board spending their time investigating the consequences of these changed policies?

During their visit to Laguna Woods, did our Board members notice that there are only 3 mutuals in that community? Did they notice that their GRF Board is nine members, not 17? Did they learn that over the years Laguna Woods has had lots of input from professionals and consultants?

Two years ago the clubs using CH 3 were informed that the clubhouse would be closed for several months for renovations. Then, after GRF Board members went to CH 3 to see what needed to be done, the enormity of project was revealed. The clubs were informed that renovations would be delayed; a space utilization consultant would be hired to assess what changes were needed. Now, a year later, has that consultant been hired? Do we know what is the plan for CH3?

Why do we have a newspaper and a website if they are not utilized to inform shareholders about the issues our Board is working on that directly affect our lives and our pocket books? Attending meetings is not the answer

How do we get our 17 Board members to listen to the 8000 – 9000 shareholders who think they should be working with us and directing their efforts to address our concerns?

We need to get their attention. We need them to stop going willy-nilly from one expensive project to the next.

If they are so determined to spend our money, let them spend it on a consultant to help them manage our community.

Anne Walshe

Leisure World


Letter of thanks to Steve Chafe

My name is Maureen Stanford. You were classmates with my son Tim through grade school.

I still have your eighth-grade yearbook with both of your smiling faces in it.

My late husband Mike is the guy who used to run all through town in yellow nylon running shorts. You were always so friendly and respectful to us when we saw you in town.

During Mike’s final illness he had an episode at home that necessitated my calling 911. Mike was furious with me, and said he would not go to the hospital.

When the paramedics arrived, Mike was adamant that he was not going anywhere.

At that point, I looked up and saw you walking in. I said “Thank you God, for sending Steve Chafe.” You prevailed through reason and a little toughness, and Mike relented. I am sure that many people in Seal Beach have similar stories about your kindness and professionalism.

Thank you for being a part of our community.

Maureen Stanford

Seal Beach