Letters to the Editor: Thursday, April 23, 2015

Letters gone from Leisure World newspaper

Among the many frustrations experienced in living in Leisure World, there is now no forum in which to express dissatisfactions.

The Leisure World newspaper’s policies on Letters to the Editor are being reviewed and the Publications Committee has imposed a six-month hiatus on the publishing of any letter to the editor.

Leisure World residents are thus unable to use the newspaper to express an opinion that might be different from those in power. Sounds like what the Communists do. Control the information; suppress any opposition.

Leisure World is run by 18 volunteer board members, none of whom is qualified to manage a $20 million dollar property.  Board members congratulate themselves on what wonderful things they are doing for the shareholders, one project at a time, while ignoring the big picture which requires planning and continuity.

Apparently no one is focusing on the sustainability of this 50-year-old community.  To just assume that it will continue on another 50 years is foolhardy.

There was an opportunity to bring in a management company two years ago and the volunteer board members elected not to do it. The current board and previous boards have not even seen fit to bring in consultants to help them; experts who could make valuable recommendations that might actually save money.

Almost two years ago the board hired an experienced executive director but  immediately put him in handcuffs.  He is responsive to shareholders but his stock answers are:  “We can do better” and “I work at the pleasure of the board and I do not do anything they do not wish me to do.” An experienced property management company might find cost-savings and efficiencies of operations that this board could never dream about.  Leisure World CAN do better indeed.

Anne Walshe

Seal Beach, Leisure World

Wrong place for Salon Meritage memorial

The upcoming placement of the memorial plaque in remembrance of the tragedy our town suffered Oct. 12, 2011, with the Salon Meritage shootings is something we will all remember.

And by we, I mean those of us who are Seal Beach; who grew up here, work here, live here, remain here, and who will be here for many years to come.  We are that Seal Beach I speak of.

We are a community that opens its arms warmly to the many visitors to our special seaside home.  Those who come here for the surf, sea, sun, the strolling, shopping, eating, relaxation and all the quaintness and friendliness we offer.

I truly believe there is a more skillful place for the plaque to be place other than the busy hubbub of Eisenhower Park at the Seal Beach Pier; the more serene and dignified setting where we all gathered for the first candlelight vigil.  Let the plaque be placed amongst the lovely trees and greenbelt, where the sea air and its serene breeze speak far more of a dignified resting place, rather than a busy park near the beach heavily traveled by the casual passersby.

This was a personal Seal Beach tragedy.  A flag need not be waved for all to see.  Better a softer, more serene surrounding and a setting that lends to quiet prayer of remembrance.  Not Eisenhower Park, my fellow Seal Beach residents, but rather just across the street, nestled in the trees and greenery where it all took place on Oct. 12, 2011.  Consider this if you will.

Julian Carroll

Seal Beach

$1,500 will go to local student for college

The deadline for applying for the $1,500 June Hopkins Memorial Scholarship to be awarded by Seal Beach International Friendship Association to a graduating high school senior is April 30. SBIFA is a local non-profit organization, established in 1986, whose mission is to promote world peace through international friendship by learning about travel to various countries, and a mutual understanding of different cultures.

One of its leading founders, June Roughton Hopkins, was a dedicated Seal Beach resident and member. The scholarship was established in 2011 as a memorial to her when she left this earth in 2009. Our monthly meetings feature speakers to promote our mission.

Eligibility requirements for the scholarship are:

1. Reside in Seal Beach, Los Alamitos or Rossmoor.

2. Graduating in June 2015 and continuing education at college or university in the Fall of 2015.

3. Submit a Scholarship Application package consisting of sealed transcript, a letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor, a 500 word essay on “The Importance of International Friendship,” and the Scholarship application form.

For students attending Los Alamitos High School, copies of the information and application form may be obtained by visiting the College and Career Center.

For students attending other high schools, please contact Joyce Okazaki at jyokazaki@hotmail.com, or call 562-430 5783. Once again, the deadline for submitting the package is April 30, 2015.

Information is included in the application packet for address to mail or deliver the package. Judging will be done by the SBIFA Scholarship Committee.

The scholarship will be awarded at the general meeting on Thursday, May 21. For any questions. please contact Okazaki at above email or phone.

Joyce Okazaki

Seal Beach

Thanks for dealing with motorcycle noise

Just a short note to thank Police Chief Stilinovich, Councilman Mike Varipapa and Mayor Ellery Deaton for addressing the issue of loud motorcycles passing through our community.

The noise generated by illegally modified bikes has long been a source of frustration for PCH businesses and residents whose rear property lines lie along Pacific Coast Highway or Seal Beach Boulevard.  Hopefully, the digital warning signs and public announcement that Chief Stilinovich released will be a starting point in addressing this quality-of-life issue in our great town. Please let your council rep know that you support these measures.

Paul Murphy

Seal Beach

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