Letters to the Editor: Sept. 15, 2011

Rossmoor’s money

While I don’t have a dog in the “Fourth Corner” annexation debate (any more), let me posit a couple points of consideration as to why this might be a good deal for Rossmoor residents.

With Rossmoor (and SB/LA) moving into Long Beach’s congressional district while still paying sales taxes to Orange County will place Rossmoor in a position where they will have no leverage in how those sales tax dollars get utilized back in the community.

Most Rossmoor residents partake of general services within and throughout the city of Los Alamitos. By allowing Los Alamitos to annex the 14.5-acre commercial property, the revenue can be used within the community to the mutual benefit of Rossmoor residents.

Earick Ward


Seal Beach


Let’s keep Bay Theatre in Seal Beach,

Health issues keep me from attending City Council meetings as well as Planning Commission meetings.

But as a citizen of Seal Beach for 35 years, I feel I can speak out about various concerns involving the city.

With respect to the concern over the Bay Theatre, I feel strongly that the theater should be preserved. Seal Beach would not be Seal Beach without that theater.

In healthier days I took friends and family there so they would have the experience of seeing films the old fashioned way, (i.e.) in a “picture show.”

I mourn the day the organ was removed.  I’m hopeful that other folks in Seal Beach will feel as I do.

The landmark historic Bay Theatre deserves to be saved just as the celebrated historic pier was “saved” in the past.

Jane Howland


Seal Beach


Re: Councilman Shanks

Intrigued by a recent Sun Newspapers’ edition’s letter from Kathy Parker: I too have tried to contact (Seal Beach City Councilman Gordon Shanks) three times about the unnecessary leaves from Marina  Park that fall on the public sidewalk alongside my house.  My allergies/toil have been 11 years worth.  . .

Lesli Shishim


(Bridgeport) Seal Beach