Letters to the Editor: May 26, 2011


Sick of LW finger pointing

I’m getting sick of observing all the finger pointing and animosity displayed in the beloved Leisure World where I have chosen to spend the rest of my life.

How about us standing behind OUR employees in this serious matter, insisting that our taxes be paid when due and not just before the last penalty date.

After all, the idea of keeping the money in the bank to make interest until the last moment was in the interest of the residents, by the GRF employees.

Knowing now that it would take a hundred years or more to make up the difference of interest vs. penalty, I feel certain it will never happen again.

Kurt Bourhenne

Seal Beach Leisure World

Mutual 14

Teach kids to think, not what to think

I have been amused by all the “scientific data” being thrown about various Web sites in response to the School Board’s decision to require a balanced approach to teaching the new AP Science Class.

My comment:

Let’s teach the kids how to think, not what to think.  Don’t fill their heads with a bunch of scientific “facts” that will be inaccurate before they get out of college.  Teach them how to look at data, analyze it, and make educated conclusions.   Teach them how to adjust their conclusions when

sound, contradictory data is presented.  That should be the purpose of education.

Additionally, personal attacks like those being made against Dr. Jeffrey Barke only demonstrate the ignorance and intolerance of the members of our society who are unable to engage in healthy debate and respect the opinion of others.

Be well.

Ned Brines

Los  Alamitos

Response to Rossmoorgate

In response to Joyce Bloom’s opinion piece last week regarding recalling the LAUSD Board, I strongly disagree with both the foundations of her argument as well as her so-called “call to action.”

To the contrary, I believe the Board should be congratulated for showing uncommon courage in today’s climate (no pun intended) of religious fervor surrounding the theory of global warming being caused by humans.

Ms. Bloom asserts that the current prevailing theories of global warming are not controversial and, in fact, are established science.

Making the assumption that Ms. Bloom does not currently hold a PhD in environmental science, then she, like I, must rely on the research, study and testimony of those that do hold these degrees.

And while she would not likely admit it, there are very highly regarded scientists that question the “established science” she holds so dear.

We are not talking about Einstein’s theory of relativity, nor Newton’s theory of gravity.

Both of these can be considered established science as they have passed the test of time, and have no credible scientists that would refute them.

The theory on global warming being caused by humans is both relatively new and not without well-credentialed detractors.  Oh, and last time I checked, Einstein didn’t have to have his peers exaggerate and falsify test results in order to help substantiate his theory.

I admittedly know little about environmental science, but so long as credible points of view occur on both sides of any issue, they should be taught in school so that our children may come to their own conclusions.  Ms. Bloom shows considerable passion and I admire that.  I would humbly submit that her passion for the reputation and integrity of our schools could be put to much better use.

Kevin Kropf

Seal Beach

Supports a recall

I would fully support a recall effort. I think the action the board took was completely political and outside the bounds of what the school board should be focused on. Board member Jeffrey Barke stated to the press, “I believe my role in the board is to represent the conservative voice of the community and I’m not a big fan of global warming.”  This is not Kansas, Texas or South Dakota. And Barke’s comments in the news just further bolster the fact that he is the one with a political agenda, not the teachers. Note, the AP Environmental Science class that he is concerned about has curriculum set by the College Board just like any other AP class. He is the one trying to insert his views into a set course. Dr. Barke, please keep your politics out of my kids’ science classes.

Stephen Groner

Seal Beach

Sun Leisure World  article contains misleading quote

The article May 19 Sun concerning Leisure World’s late tax payments quotes David Lyon “critic of the Golden Rain foundation” saying that property taxes are due in February. He also said that Bruce Smith said the penalty would be $357,000.  Both these statements are false.

I request that if the Sun Newspaper wants to print alleged quotes of what I say or said, I respectfully request the Sun to ask me, Smith what I said, not pass along what someone else claims I said.

My experience is that many inaccurate, misleading and untruthful accounts of what I stand for, what I have allegedly said, what I intend to do or want to do is in the imagination of people who do not know me, or have never spoken to me, or asked my opinion on any subject whatsoever.

I was told when I was elected to president of the Golden Rain Foundation I would receive a lot of grief from individuals that have been forced off Mutual Boards, off the Golden Rain Foundation Board, been fired from the Foundation, or who had had a personal run in with a Foundation staff member.

These people claim they want only to stand up for the residents, but have a personal vendetta that always causes turmoil instead of improving the management of the Foundation.

As far as Ms Johnstone’s letter, it she who is confused.  The President of the Golden Rain Foundation neither hires or supervises Foundation employees.  I do not understand how she subscribes intent or motives to me as she has never bothered to speak with me about my duties, the Board’s duties, how the GRF operates, or any other aspect of the foundations business.

I understand that it is so much easier to throw stink bombs at someone you don’t know.  There are those, of course, that will lie about you even if they know you somewhat.  It won’t matter to them whether it is an outrageous, or even a small lie.  Manipulation is their business.    I can only hope and pray that after the mutual and GRF elections, we end up with a great majority of representatives that will work hard at making Leisure World a peaceful and happy place for us all to live out the rest of our lives.  We’ve had enough bad times in our lives to join others who seem to enjoy causing mistrust and anger.

While the representatives on the Mutual Boards, and the Golden Rain Foundation spend their 30 days of time between monthly open meetings trying hard to do good works for all the people under their charge, others spend their days and nights planning and scheming how they can insult, berate, degrade, and bring down all those they are so envious of.  Many of the most vociferous and angry denouncers of representatives had their opportunity while members of a Mutual Board or a GRF representative to do good, but choose instead to be irrational, irresponsible, and destructive, causing the respective Boards to force them out.

When do the hundreds of decent hard working representatives who spend their days trying to do good honest work for the community get their thanks and handclaps?  Why do we only hear rancor, and see anger and hate in the faces of those who rank us each and every month at the GRF meeting?  Why do we never read good things in the press about Leisure World?  Leisure World is a marvelous place to live.  I prefer to think that 99.5 percent of our community likes living here.

Bruce Smith

Leisure World, Mutual 7

Letters to the Editor: May 26, 2011