Letters to the Editor: July 13, 2017

Join an existing LA Fitness

Nick Ta’s Opinion (“Disappointed with Commission that voted down LA Fitness,” Sun News, Thursday, July 6) was filled with multiple cheap shots and bitterness towards the residents of Rossmoor because they expressed their legitimate concerns and hold a strong opposition towards the massive LA Fitness project.

It was clear that Nick Ta fails to understand that the Planning Commission did an outstanding job listening to all of us; and, contrary to his opinion, the City Council does not need his advice or recommendations.

The planners’ decision was based on, not only all presented facts, but, collectively what is in the best interest for the communities of Seal Beach and Rossmoor.

With two nearby LA Fitness facilities—Garden Grove, 3.5 miles away; Long Beach, 4.0 miles away, is there really a need to build yet another LA Fitness in Seal Beach?  Those that say they are going to start working out don’t need a new LA Fitness; they just need to join one of the existing ones.

Bertha De La Cruz


Attend Sen. Newman’s Open House

This letter is for all freeloaders who live in Senator Josh Newman’s district. (“Freeloaders” is the term Governor Brown used to describe working- and middle-class Californians who angrily complained about the liberal Democrat legislature passing the gas tax and vehicle registration fee increases).

If you’re like millions of Californians (including an overwhelming majority in the senator’s district) who are disgusted by the higher gas taxes and increased vehicle registration fees, you’ll want to share your views during Sen. Josh Newman’s open house on Saturday, July 15 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the Cypress Senior Center (9031 Grindlay Street).

Senator Newman represents a district that is almost evenly split between Republicans and Democrats so his votes should represent that constituency. Instead, Sen. Newman follows the liberal drumbeat of “raise taxes on the working- and middle-class to give more government money to illegals while making California a sanctuary state.”

And Sen. Newman wonders why he is being recalled!

On Nov. 1, gas will increase 12-cents a gallon and diesel will go up 20-cents. Vehicle registration fees will increase between $25 and $175. Liberals like Sen. Newman will argue that isn’t too much money for taxpaying drivers to spend for roads that need to be repaired. However, once there is a tax, the only direction it can go is up. What will the gas tax and registration fee be next year? In five years? In 10 years? (And how about using the money spent on illegals to fix and maintain our roads?)

When the increases take effect, every time you fill your car with gas and pay a vehicle registration fee, you can thank Sen. Newman, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and all the other liberals in Sacramento.

Governor Brown and the uber liberal “tax and spend/love illegal criminals” legislature can do their back room deals in an effort to try and save Sen. Newman in the recall, but it won’t matter. Whenever the recall election takes place, “we the people” will demonstrate that recalling Sen. Newman is the peaceful modern-day version of tar and feather.

Freeloaders unite – let’s welcome Sen. Newman at his July 15 open house and tell him our thoughts about his vote to raise our gas taxes and vehicle registration fees!

Robin Itzler




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