Letters to the Editor

Are volunteer managers good enough for Leisure World?

Leisure World Seal Beach is a community of 17 Homeowners Associations with an annual budget of $22 million managed by 138 volunteers.

The Golden Rain Foundation Board of Directors has 18 volunteer Directors and the remaining 120 volunteer Directors sit on the boards of the 16 Mutual corporations.

It has long been believed that having volunteers manage the community saves money.  Isn’t it time to get the facts?

Many if not most Leisure World shareholders make assumptions about their governance.

The complexities of the governance in place for almost 60 years is daunting to grasp.

To many, things seem to be going OK.

A class action lawsuit settlement for $550,000 is accepted as “oh well, things happen” and excuses for why there is no swimming pool after 16 months as, “they are doing the best they can.”

Yes, the 138 volunteer managers are doing the best they can.  Is this really good enough for 9,000 shareholders?

Surely there is enough money in a $22 million budget to initiate a study to answer the question:  should Leisure World have professional management?

What must the 9,000 shareholders do to get the attention of the 18 volunteers who have the ultimate authority?

We see a need for professional advice.

They send dismissive responses to our letters and questions.

We are trying to help them.  The least they could do is answer our questions.

Anne Walshe

Leisure World

Governance and Aqua Blues Committee