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About McGaugh swimming pool

Good morning, I am writing today (Jan. 3, 2022) to express my concern about how the pool at McGaugh is being run by the city. At this time, my main concern has been a water leak at the 2 unused showers on the pool deck. Water has been pouring out of the broken pipes, wasting thousands of gallons of water every day.

This has been going on for over 6 weeks and though the city is aware of the problem, there has been no sense of urgency to fix the leak. When I called the city recreation department, I was told that they were aware of the situation and would have to turn off the water at the school to fix the pipes and they would be working on it during the winter break. As of today, nothing has been done. The water is still leaking and there has been no attempt to rectify the problem. I thought that by writing to you, perhaps we can find out when this will be fixed.

There has been talk about a new pool for over 10 years, but the city says that it is too big of an expense to build a new pool. But it is OK to flush money down the drain by not fixing a water leak in the middle of a drought.?

It is shameful. I don’t think people are aware how much the pool is being used and how important it is to the community. In addition, the heater has not worked properly all during the winter break and the pool has been freezing cold. Since the pool shares gas for heating with the school, when it is cold, McGaugh uses the heat and it turns off the heat to the pool. Because the heat was left on during the break, even though school is not in session, the heater is still firing up and heating the classrooms, while us swimmers have to suffer. The pool should be at 80-81 degrees for comfort and everyday it has been under 80 degrees, most days 75ish. That is very cold and many of the older swimmers and people in general cannot tolerate the harsh conditions, especially when the air is in the 50s and 60s. I also want to point out that the area by the working shower is gross, standing water, dirt and other debris are in the drain and it does not look like the pool deck has been cleaned in months It has been frustrating dealing with the city, as they are slow to respond to e-mails and often hard to reach by phone. I have been swimming here for over 40 years. I love the convenience and camaraderie of the pool; the lifeguards are wonderful and I count on being able to swim. So that is why I am contacting the Sun, in the hopes that they can help get the water situation fixed. Thank you for your time,

Terri Kirschbaum Taylor

Republican women thank community

West Orange County Republican Women Federated wants to thank the community (and especially Rossmoor, Cypress, Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Stanton, La Palma, and greater Long Beach) for making 2021 one of our most successful years. Throughout the club’s 60th Diamond Jubilee year, we had dual goals: (1) promoting conservative values along with electing Republicans and (2) giving back to this wonderful community.

Some of our community efforts included:

• Donating items for expectant mothers and new mothers at the Los Alamitos Precious Life Shelter.

• Having Dr. Jeff Barke provide regular COVID updates and answer questions.

• Patriotically embracing the United States; giving away American flags at rallies.

• Showing local law enforcement that they are appreciated and valued.

• Designing unique Halloween pumpkins for blind and visually challenged veterans at the Blind Rehabilitation Center in Long Beach.

In 2022, West Orange County Republican Women Federated will continue its theme of giving back to the community. Come join us at our January 15 meeting at the exquisite Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach where members will design distinctive Valentine’s Day cards for blind and visually challenged veterans at the Blind Rehabilitation Center in Long Beach before we hear speakers and enjoy a scrumptious lunch. Speakers are:

Dr. Jeff Barke, Co-Founder Personal Concierge Physicians – “COVID Update”

Mari Barke, President, Orange County Board of Education – “OCBE Lawsuit Against Newsom & Others and Redistricting Update”

And on January 29, when we hold a rally to gather signatures for the California School Choice initiative and a food drive for a local food pantry on Seal Beach Blvd. at the Shops at Rossmoor.

Thank you to all who support and/or is part of West Orange County Republican Women Federated. We wish everyone in the community a Healthy and Happy New Year! For more information, email WOC_RWF@aol.com.

Nancy Hathcock

President West Orange County Republican Women Federated

A reader comments on Christmas parade and politics

To parade organizers,

Please, let’s ban political parties from entrance into the Seal Beach Holiday parade.

Isn’t the parade a time for joy and togetherness. We are berated all day through the news on how divisive this nation has become, shouldn’t the parade be an oasis where we can just enjoy ourselves and our neighbors?

Group 39 “Seal Beach Republican Women Federated – The Red Wave” had a toxic and obnoxious message during the parade. This display should not have been allowed at this event. This Red Tide completely deprived the parade of its oxygen and killed all the joy that should have been present.

Let’s have a parade that celebrates our children and those organizations that bring us together. Please ban any political party from being a part of our family friendly town parade going forward.

Roger Dunn

Seal Beach

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