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Thanks for this year’s car show

I wanted to thank those who ran the car show this year, it was a very pleasant surprise. In the past the people that ran the car show would block the alleys leading to the businesses. This cut off access to the point it was nearly impossible for customers to get to the parking behind the businesses and I don’t know how the trash trucks and all the delivery trucks were ever able to get down the alley. This was done just to add a few more cars with no regard if the local businesses could function or not.

But this year the people that ran the show left our alley ways open so the businesses could still operate. We appreciate this immensely. Also, previous operators of the car show would put competing businesses literally in front of local businesses. I didn’t see any of that this time. I want to thank again the people that ran the car show for not doing this . Bringing in competing businesses and placing them right in front of local merchants was never about promoting our little town’s businesses. This car show was 180% turn around from what local merchants had to deal with in the past car shows. I want to give credit where credit is due. I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates these changes for the better.

Woody Woodruff

It is our duty to protect the oceans

The beaches of Orange County are facing major environmental consequences after the massive oil spill last week. At least 126,000 gallons of crude oil spilled into the waters of Orange County from an underwater pipeline. Now, there is oil stretching a mile out into the ocean and washing up sticky muck onto Southern California beaches. Luckily, clean-up efforts have been widespread to preserve our beaches.

California gulls, willets, and brown pelicans are just three examples of the vibrant wildlife found on the California coastline. These birds have been suffering due to the oil spill, as the birds are unable to dive past the sticky surface oil and the fish they consume are dying. When spills occur, it has huge ramifications for our marine life and coastal communities.

We must stop these tragic events from happening. It is our duty to protect the oceans from environmental disaster, and it is necessary to end drilling for oil and gas.

Congress is considering legislation to protect California’s coast from new offshore drilling leasing. It is necessary for Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla to continue to lead efforts to end offshore drilling in America’s oceans, so that future oil spills are prevented.


Sydney Valone

Seal Beach

No dog park at Zoeter

I’m against a formal dog park at Zoeter. The few times I’ve been by there I see dogs on the unfenced side. I think if we have to have a dog park perhaps Marina park would be a better option.


Penny Gower


Against Zoeter dog park site

Voting against dog park at Zoeter. Maybe Marina are if we need one.


John Gower

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Letters to the Editor