Letter to the Editor: Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019

Leisure World Mutual 15 lock box policy

Leisure World Mutual 15 residents beware! Your apartment can be used as a public restroom and there’s nothing you can do about it. It happened to me.

I returned home, after a brief absence, to find that my apartment had been used as a public restroom. I reported the intrusion to security and asked them to remove the spare key from the lock box located near the front door. Since they had to get permission from Mutual 15’s president to remove the key, it was a few days later that the key was removed unconditionally.

Eleven days later Mutual 15’s president notified me that she was having a lawyer draft a waiver to lock the lock box key policy and that I would be billed for the lawyer’s effort. I told the president that I would sign a waiver but would not pay to have it drafted; then the screws started to turn.

Not having a key in the lock box was okay as long as I agreed to pay for a waiver. My refusal to pay changed “unconditional approval” to “apoplectic disapproval” clouding all reason. The Board and their lawyer, ignoring all facts, accused me of removing the key from the lock box. An accusation that is both false and impossible. Unless they believe everyone has access to everyone else’s apartment. Absurd, bizarre, irrational, bullying, pick a word!

Because Mutual 15’s enforcers’ fertile imaginations and propensity to ignore facts, all residents should be sure to inventory their jewelry boxes when they return home. This time mine was a public restroom experience, next time?


Robert J. Crossley