LAHS Show Choir presents ‘Brand New Day’ show

Pictured is the Soundtrax Choir during a beach bonding activity day.

On October 7, 8, and 9, Los Alamitos Show Choir proudly presents their upcoming Broadway show “Brand New Day.” After performing virtually nearly all last year, directors David Mollencamp and Moana Dherlin found creative new ways to perform in-person while staying within Covid-19 guidelines.

Last June, choir students had their first live performance outside, social-distanced, and with masks on. Despite challenges brought along by the pandemic, Mollencamp and Dherlin were determined to move forward with another performance this year as well.

“That’s what makes this upcoming Broadway show so special” Mollencamp says. “This will be our first time performing inside the school theater in over a year. Our goal is to move forward with the initial schedule of four shows total by the end of the year.”

Having been in the show choir program for nearly four years myself, it’s been a privilege working with such amazing directors and building lifelong friendships. One of my favorite parts of show choir is the variety of leadership opportunities available to students. This year, I am a VMC and section leader in my choir, Soundtrax. As a VMC, I lead my peers, teach orientation groups during dress rehearsals, and encourage others to be leaders as well.Seeing my friends at rehearsals every Monday, performing on stage during shows, and doing team bonding activities are some of the many things I love about choir. Additionally, we have the amazing opportunity to go on a three day retreat in the mountains, learn competition choreography, and travel to nationals at the end of the year.

“Choir is about spreading joy, not only to audience members, but to performers and students as well. Despite the obstacles, our kids have kept a positive spirit and made every day an adventure” Mollencamp says.

This year, the choir program will continue to move forward as it had before Covid. Advanced groups Soundtrax and SoundFX plan to compete at three regional championships and one national championship in March. It is exciting to return to some normalcy, perform in-person, and continue being part of such an amazing group.

Siena Odrich is a senior at Los Alamitos High School