Guest Column: GRF Board failed to negotiate a lease with LW Trailer Club

The Leisure World Trailer Club’s offers the following response to the April 25, 2017 GRF Board Meeting and the article in the GR Weekly on April 27, 2017.

There has been a lot of misinformation and misrepresentation, either willfully or accidentally, made regarding the LW Trailer Clubs willingness to meet and negotiate a Lease Agreement with GRF.  A review of GRF meeting agendas will fail to show a single date and time to have been set by GRF to meet in good faith with the Club to negotiate a new RV Lot lease. The following is a chronology of the facts regarding the RV Club and its efforts to secure a new RV Lot Lease for our Club from GRF.

Feb. 27, 2017 Our Club received the new GRF’s Lease Agreement.

Mar. 22, 2017 Our Club sent GRF a Lease Proposal based upon the existing (7page) 2012-2016 expired lease and did not change and or modify the (9page) GRF Lease Agreement.

Mar. 27, 2017 Our Club received an email from GRF Executive Director, Randy Ankeny stating “GRF is willing to negotiate with the CLUB; however, before negotiations can commence, both parties should demonstrate good faith and a wiliness to reach an accord on proposed terms of the lease agreement. The proposal as submitted by the CLUB is considered a proposal not made in good faith. Before negotiations can even begin in connection with the proposed use of Trust Property by the CLUB, GRF respectfully requests the CLUB to reconsider the proposal submitted by the CLUB.”

April 5, 2017 Our Club, in good faith, revised our (7page) 2012-2016 expired Lease Proposal to GRF with more favorable terms to GRF. We did not change and or modify the (9 page) Lease Agreement GRF sent to us.  This Lease Proposal was rejected by GRF and accompanied by a letter dated April 13, 2017 from GRF’s attorney.

April 24, 2017 Our Club, in good faith, again revised our (7 page) 2012-2016 expired Lease Proposal to GRF making 6 revisions our Club would like to see in the Lease Agreement. To date our Club has not received a counter proposal from GRF to this Lease Proposal.

April 26, 2017 Our Club received an email from Randy Ankeny stating; “At the April 25, 2017, meeting of the GRF Board of Directors, the Board duly voted down any lease agreement with the Leisure World RV Club Inc. (Organization) as the Organization had not agreed to the terms and conditions as set forth by the Board.  This email to serve as official notice, the Organization shall immediately cease accepting any new agreements for space use within the Trust Property commonly referred to as the 5.5 acres”.

May 8, 2017 Our Club, in good faith, submitted the original (9page) GRF Lease Proposal with 7 revisions to it. This is the only time any changes and or modifications our Club made to the (9 page) GRF Lease Agreement.  To date our Club has not received a response from GRF to this Lease Proposal.

On May 9, 2017 we received an email from Randy Ankeny stating in part “As the Board of The Leisure World Trailer Club, Inc. (LW Trailer Club), has not accepted the terms and conditions in the use of Trust property as provided by the Board, the Board has taken due action in accordance with Article VII, Section A, of the Trust, which states:” etc. …

At the April 25, 2017 GRF Board Meeting Bob Croft, President of the Trailer Club, was personally accused by Carole Damoci, President of the GRF, of not updating our Club Members on the progress of Lease Agreement with GRF.  Members of our Club, in fact, were sent several emails in addition to updates at every Club’s general meeting over the past 7 months regarding the progress or lack thereof with GRF regarding the Lease negotiations.  Also, Carole Damoci suggested that our Club may want to consider replacing its current Club Board Members. FYI, our Club Members are very happy with its current Board.

If Carole Damoci, President of GRF, can produce a copy of the (9 page) GRF Lease Agreement that our Club submitted to GRF with the changes and or deletion to the Lease Agreement as stated at the April 25, 2017 GRF Board Meeting and Published in the LW News on April 27, 2017, we would really like to see a copy of that Lease Agreement.

There is concern that GRF management of projects for which it has lacked experience and expertise, such as the Globe refurbishment, (etc.), has resulted in disharmony and large expenditures in the past. It is now once again happening!

Editor’s Note: After this was written, the GRF Board of Directors voted to assume management of the trailer club.